Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Yard House restaurant

I love The Yard House restaurant for their Firecracker wings. I have been craving them ever since I tried them a month ago. A lot of people go for their huge selection of beer, but I go for their wings! I finally got to go again with Kiko at their location at the Shoreline Village in Long Beach, Ca and I was able to have them once again. ^_^

Firecracker Wings tossed in spicy sesame garlic plum glaze. They are spicy and sweet just the way I like my wings. I ate them all by myself.

I also tried their Margherita pizza. I love the whole roasted garlic on top. It was sweet and melted in my mouth like butter ^_^

Kiko had Turkey Sliders with french fries.

We went during their happy hour so everything we ordered were half off .^_^

A quick clip from The Yard House at Long Beach California.

go to The Yard House website to see a location near you ^_^

Thursday, April 22, 2010

WFD: Healthy Choice Lobster Ravioli

 What's for Dinner? Healthy Choice Lobster Ravioli.

What: Our all-natural ravioli is stuffed with real lobster and ricotta cheese. It's topped off with the garden-fresh taste of yellow and green zucchinis, roasted garlic, and a savory vodka sauce, and lightly finished with Parmesan cheese for a meal that's anything but ordinary (healthychoice.com)
Frozen Dinner yuummmmm... My uultimate favorite frozen entrees are from Marie Callenders but this time I tried Healthy Choice because I've never had them before.
Lobster Ravioli sounds delicious right? But seafood and cheese? I guess I don't mind the combination but Lobster and Ricotta cheese sounds kinda weird together yiiiihhh...Anyway, I had it for dinner and it was okay. My taste buds are easily pleased but I wasn't feeling this one too much. I'm a bit confused with the flavor. It tasted more like an articificial lobster. On the other hand, the vodka sauce was quite delicious and I licked my plate clean.

I put it on a regular plate to make it seem like theres a lot of food instead of eating it in the tray. I don't mind washing dishes and besides, it looks prettier!

So will I buy this again? Maybe not. I like how it was only 250 calories but I think I'll pass on this one.

Have you ever tried Healthy Choice?

Free Ice Cream at Ralphs!!!

I just realized that there is no KFC around where I live at. That sucks!!! I've been wanting to try their new Double Down sandwhich. I spend a good while looking around for a KFC nearby. Fail!!! Instead I ended up at my local Ralphs to see what's good. Right now they're having 5 for 10 bucks on Marie Callender's and Healthy Choice frozen dinner with free ice cream from Deluxe. I picked up 5 Healthy Choice frozen dinner since I've never had them before. I'll do another post on how I like them but I'm pretty stoked with the free ice cream ^_^

5 for $10 Healthy Choice frozen dinner. I like to lie to myself and say that these are really healthy for me ha!

...then get one Free Deluxe Ice Cream of your choice. I got Birthday Bash. OMG this taste like cake ^_^

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My favorite food in the world made me sick O_o

If I were to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would have to be Spaghetti. I have too many favorites but this one topped my uber long list of favorite food. I can eat it for 1 week straight and still crave it!

So why did it made me sick? I honestly don't know. My mom cooked it 2 days ago for lunch. Everyone ate it and I was the only one who got sick. I'm not gonna go into details of how I suffered after 3 hours from eating. But I gotta tell yah that it was naaaaasty!!! My stomach still felt weird the next day and I almost didn't go to work because I didn't want to deal with it. I gotta thank Pepto. You pink gooey stuff really works ^_^ I heart you.

So will this experience stop me from eating my favorite food in the world??? HECK NO!!! I just gotta make sure Pepto is around lol.

I gotta post my Spaghetti recipe because I believe its the best!!!

So have you eaten anything lately that made you sick???

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I'm feeling fluffy...

Fluffy meaning fat! I've been eating so much fattening food lately and one thing that supresses my feeling of guilt is Starbucks. I know they're well known for their coffee but I don't buy their coffe or other frothy specialized drinks. Instead, I always get their Iced Green tea with 3 pumps of Vanilla syrup. My friend from college Isabel introduced me to this drink and I was hooked. They used to have melon syrup but since they discontinued it, I have to opt for another one and Vanilla is good enough for my taste.

 A tall Iced Green tea with 3 pumps of vanilla syrup

 I also got their Low fat Red Raspberry Coffee cake for the first time. A moist, lowfat muffin with raspberries and lemon, dusted with sweet, buttery streusel (starbucks) It only has 340 calories. I sure don't feel bad eating this ^_^

The buttery streusel is my favorite part ^_^

Happy Monday!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WFD Guest: Spanish Pork chops from Louisiana

Whats for Dinner in Louisiana? Spanish Pork chops
Guest post: Jean Elizabeth Ortiz Ballard

Wooohooo yay for another guest post on Whats for Dinner. This time its from my good friend Jean from Louisiana. She's one hot wifey who knows how to cook. Seriously, this woman gets down in the kitchen and she can pretty much cook anything from Filipino to Americana and all kinds of food. Her husband Jeremy is one lucky man. ^_^

She decided to cook Spanish Pork chops tonight bc she already took the pork chops out of the fridge before her and her hubby went to work. Her hubby was craving fried pork chops but she doesn't really like fried food, so she thought of this spanish pork chop dish that is really easy to cook and not too messy to work with.

 She used Tony Cachere's creole seasoning and fresh ground black pepper for the seasoning and Rotel's tomatoes and diced chillis in mild, chopped onions and tomato sauce for the sauce. She seared the pork chops on a hit skillet until it turned golden brown, then placed it in a baking pan along with tomato sauce, rice, onions, chillis, then cooked it in the oven in 350 degrees for an hour.

Look at it, its beautiful!!! She said its best paired with an ice cold Corona ^_^. Thank you so much jean for these photos. They look so yummy and I wish we were neighbors, so I can come over and eat your food!

Monday, April 12, 2010

WFD: Never Again!!!

What's For Dinner? Over Cooked Baked Salmon. Never Again!!

Whew...that was a long title. Like what I said, never again! Never again I will buy food from that one place. Should I even mention the name of the place? Ugh! I'm embarassed to say that its from a Filipino food joint. This is what I get for being lazy to cook. My mom had to work late tonight so she left the cooking up to me. My lazy butt walked to the near by Filipino food joint to buy Ulam to go. I knew that place wasn't good but I still went ugh! Never Again!

I love anything with mayonnaise and I got excited when I saw baked Salmon and Mayo. Sounds gross? Not to me. These are supposed to be delicious creamy goodness especially when Calamansi is squeezed on top of it. It's been a long time since I had one of these so I had buy it.

OMG the fish was over cooked. It was really tough and I couldn't even poke my fork through it. Sigh!!! Bad, bad bad food!!! I only took 2 bites and I threw it away. The only good thing about this dish is the rice next to it. I make really good steamed rice you know lol. Like what I said, never again!!!

Oh and before I forget, the place is called Neri's Filipino Food O_o Neri your food is not so good! O_o

Calamansi:  (Philippine Lemon) with scientific citrus microcarpa Bunge, is the most popular and commonly used citrus fruit in the country. The fruit is oval about 2 cm. to 4.5 cm diameter and greenish-yellow in color. It is similar in appearance to a small round lime and taste like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.(source: http://www.goodsense-juices.com/faq.php)

Ulam: Its just another way Filipinos say food. Ulam is always paired with white rice.(source: Becky's head ^_^)

Submit your dinner photos at MissBecky0207@gmail.com if you want to be featured in this blog.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

WFD: Mama's Better Puchero

What's for Dinner? Mama's Better Puchero

The other day my mom and grandma ate at a local Filipino food joint. They ordered their Puchero dish (Philippine style). Its been a while since my mom had Puchero so she was excited to try it. The Puchero was bland and tasteless and she was pretty much pist off. You have to understand that my family eats Filipino food almost everyday so we have high hopes and expectations whenever we eat at a Filipino restaurant. It has to be just as good or even better than how my mom makes it. To her disappointment, she made her own Puchero. She called it "The Better Puchero".

There are many ways to prepare this type of stew but my mom's version is with beef shank, potatoes, sweet potatos, pork and beans, plantains for sweetness, cabbage, string beans and some other stuff I don't know about lol.

The best way to enjoy it is with steamed white rice, just because we pretty much eat anything with rice HA! and rice soaks up all the juice/sauce and its so delicious.

Puchero: is a type of stew prepared in Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, the Philippines, and Spain, specifically the autonomous communities of Andalusia and the Canary Islands. The name comes from the Spanish word "puchero" which means "stewpot." (source: wikipedia)

Send in your dinner photos at MissBecky0207@gmail.com to be featured in this blog.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

WFD Guest : Queso Fresco Enchilada from Watts

What's for dinner in Watts, Los Angeles Ca? Queso Fresco Enchiladas. 
Guest post: Monica Gomez - Watts, Los Angeles Ca.

Whoo Hooo for my first What's for Dinner guest post. After harassing my best friend Monica, she finally sent me a photo of what she had for dinner ^_^. Thanks Mon.

Her mom made these delicious looking Queso Fresco Enchiladas. Corn tortillas were dipped in a red chili and chocolate sauce then fried for a couple of minutes then rolled with queso fresco inside. It was topped with even more queso fresco and sour cream. Monica said, "its a fast meal my mom made because I was hungry". Looks good doesn't it?

Queso Fresco: Its a traditional Mexican cheese which is commonly used in many of their dishes. It means fresh cheese in English.

send in your dinner photos at MissBecky0207@gmail.com if you want to be featured in this blog.
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2 lb Master Burger.

Usually, I would bring lunch to work, but since it was a Friday, I decided to buy lunch with my co-workers. We decided on hamburgers at Master Burger. I was super excited. Whenever I hear Master Burger, I think of their 2 lbs meaty, juicy giant burgers. You could barely pick them up with your hands. They are seriously way too big for one person to eat. Of course, they have smaller burgers but those are for weenies. You have to get at least the 1 pounder to be hardcore.

So we ordered their 2 lbs Master burger over the phone and picked it up within 10-15 minutes and there it was....

A homemade fresh ground, hand formed patty of juicy goodness. It's a simple burger with the usual meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles. And for 5 bucks, this is seriously hits the spot!!!

I'm no weenie but I had to split it with one of my co-worker Mr. J. or else I would have been in a food coma ^_^ Isn't it soooo pretty?

I ate it with seasoned fries and a diet soda. The French fries were just okay.

click on it to make it bigger

Neighborhood: Mid-City
4366 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018
       (323) 734-8021     

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WFD: Sorry its not for Vegetarians...

What's for Dinner?  Sauteed Bean Sprouts, Ground Chicken and Tofu. (Ginisang Toge na may Giniling na Manok at Tokwa)

It looks like a Vegetarian dish at first glance, but this is bean sprouts and tofu. If you look closely there is also ground chicken in it. It was so good. My mom cooked it and she made it super quick, it was on the table in no time.

This dish is random so I can't say if it is Filipino, Chinese or whatever. My mom used few ingredients she had in the fridge. She sauteed ground chicken in canola oil with lots of garlic for flavor, she threw in the bean sprouts and let it cook until it was soft, and lastly, tofu was added.

 It's random but good. The bean sprouts was still a bit crunchy and it has a slight bitterness to it which I like. It is best served with steamed white rice or simply by itself. YUMMY!

Bean Sprouts: edible seedlings of certain bean plant, especially those of a mung bean. (source: yahoo education)

WFD: Sushi Craving Fixed.

What's for Dinner?  Sushi rolls!!!

I craved sushi rolls last night and luckily there's a sushi place nearby that does delivery. Lucky me!!! I ordered their sushi roll combo. It consisted of California roll, Spicy Tuna roll and Shrimp Crunch roll. The rolls were a decent size and actually quite tasty. All of this for $14.99.

Now that I got my sushi craving fixed, I can shut up about how I want sushi every 5 minutes ^_^


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