Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kiko's Egg Whites Veggie Omelet and Burnt English Wheat.

I envy Kiko. He's been eating healthy and working out for the past 3 weeks. He's been looking good. Well he always looks good but I noticed he lost some weight and his arms are toned ^_^. I wish I can do the same. I'm just all talk. I always say I'm gonna cut back on fatty food and run at least 3 times a week but its still not happening. Sigh...I just need to do it!

Anyway, Kiko sent me a photo of his Egg White Veggie Omelet that he made a couple of days ago. It's his new favorite dish to make. He says its healthy and cholesterol free and, I won't miss the yokes. I dunno...i love my yokes. I know its not good for you but I love my yokes in my eggs!!! lol.

He used some stuff left in his fridge
  • 6 egg whites
  • one small tomato chopped
  • 4 white button mushrroms roughly chopped
  • half of a green bell pepper chopped
  • half cup of low fat shredded cheddar cheese
  • half of a ripe Avocado. Kiko loves Avocado.
He used an Olive Oil spray to coat a non stick pan. He was so excited about the spray. He's never used anything like it before. He thought it was so cool ^_^.  

So from what he told me, he cooked the veggies first then was set aside on a plate once it was done. Next, he poured the egg whites in the same pan. He let it cook half way then he put the cooked veggies on the left side of the pan and sprinkled cheddar cheese. Then he used a spatula to fold the other side on top of the veggies or something like that. Once it was cooked, he put it on a plate and placed the chopped Avocados on top. 

And the outcome was yum! He said, he didn't miss the yokes at all and that it tasted better without the yokes. He also paired it with Wheat English Muffins. He burnt it! He was mad at first but after tasting it, he said it was actually good. It had a smokey taste to it. He's so funny!

So my question to everyone is Yokes or No Yokes?


April said...

I enjoy no yokes--oddly enough I never liked yokes as a child. I loove the white part when my mom used to cook them sunny side up. LOL

CopyCat said...

OMG I love this post :)))
I am so trying thing :)
Ask Kiko to give you more healthy breakfast recipes pleaseeeee ;)

I am switching to NO YOKES because my boyfriend and I live together and he has high cholesterol.
I am trying to help him change his diet by eating healthy too.
even though I don't need too :) but it won't kill me it'll just make me feel and look better :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I never really like the yokes except for with my instant noodles. hehe. You can always cheat a little c[= Try eating it with no yokes. It looks good! I'm always saying I'll exercise and eat healthy but I haven't.... I do it for like a week or two and then somewhere along the line, my bad habits just come back again.

April said...

Becky thank you sooo much for telling me about the man who cooks on YouTube! I understand tagalog fluently so it works out well! :) OMG I have always wanted to make sotanghon! I love that stuff soo much! I made some bibingka malagkit for Justin a couple days ago--lol! :

scap3goat said...

Definitely yokes! Egg white is so bland on its own and I would sorely miss my ritual of sunny side up on buttered rye and eating around the yoke until there's just the yoke left on a tiny bit of rye and I can stuff it into my mouth all at once and have this yoke taste explosion in my mouth. So yummy! (I really never got how my parent's could waste their yoke by cutting it to eat it and half of it ran out on the plate *sigh*)


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