Thursday, August 22, 2013

Green Smoothies Concoction

I've been making my own Green Smoothies. I use my new Ninja Blender that I got as a Wedding gift. Originally, my plan was to buy a juicer and make my own green juice and start the "healthy life style". But after learning how expensive juicers are, like $300 expensive, I immediately changed my mind. My Ninja Blender will have to do for now. It works okay.

Here are some of my concoction. I didn't follow any recipe. I just bought a huge bag of spinach and other veggies and fruits and I just threw them in the blender and hope for the best lol. So far everything I've made are pretty delicious. Even El Hubby Cakes who prefers not to eat his veggies is loving it. 

 photo IMG_20130816_173329_zpsa6d16456.jpg

Here's my first green smoothie. So good, but looks like green salsa lol. It needed a few more seconds in the blender lol.

I use carrot juice, mango juice or apple juice as the liquid to help blend everything easily.

 photo IMG_20130816_174003_zpsdc8a8b0f.jpg

This one looks much better. I added plain Greek yogurt which took it to another level of deliciousness!

 photo IMG_20130818_112312_zps52898594.jpg

 photo IMG_20130819_130309_zps0975d9c9.jpg

Some of the seeds from the sweet peppers got in and it made it a little spicy lol.

 photo IMG_20130822_005952_zps4abc993f.jpg


Monday, August 19, 2013

Mole, Mole, Mole!

Chicken Mole is one of my absolute favorite Mexican food. Mole, a Mexican sauce, has dark brown, chocolaty reddish color, and can be served with many types of dishes. It's also the most complicated thing to make. A legit mole recipe has at least 30 kinds of spices and chiles. "I aint got time for that!" So, I went to the store and bought mole paste. All I did was dilute the paste in water and voila! Mole sauce lol.

My Chicken Mole

 photo IMG_9040_zps9da2dc69.jpg

 photo IMG_9028_zps2d304dc0.jpg

 Season the chicken drumsticks with salt and pepper

 photo IMG_9022_zpsec11b3b1.jpg

The Mole paste I used is Rogelio Bueno. It says autentico. I believe it ^_^.

 photo IMG_9024_zps78df6a09.jpg

I made a mistake of tasting it. It was soooo spicy! Not hot, but spicy like packed with spices.

 photo IMG_9026_zps417dcf72.jpg

In a small pan, I put 2 tbsp of the Mole paste with 1 cup of water and raw honey. I let it simmer on low until it thickens. It didn't need any salt and pepper.

 photo IMG_9027_zps0bf3c81b.jpg

This is optional, but I sauteed onions and mushroom in a separate pan. Pushed it too the side and add olive oil in the center for the chicken.

 photo IMG_9031_zps7b951da1.jpg

Add chicken in the pan, turn heat on medium and let it brown for 4-5 minutes on both sides. Then lower the heat, add half a cup of water and let it simmer/cook for 20 minutes.

 photo IMG_9034_zpsb337a169.jpg

Add the mole sauce and cover. Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes and you're done!

 photo IMG_9041_zpsd84b693e.jpg

I had with a side of Mexican rice and flour tortillas. Yum!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lazy Dog Cafe (Torrance, Ca)

El Hubby and I saw Indespicable Me 2 in the beginning of the week. It was such a funny and cute movie. I want a kid just like Agnes. She's such a happy kid. We had time to kill before the movie so we decided to grab some food. We decided to try Lazy Dog Cafe which is one floor below the theater.

It was our first time at Lazy Dog Cafe. We didn't expect much, but it's surprisingly pretty good. They serve American and Asian-fusion food. I wonder why we never tried it before. The service was great, the food was tasty and man, we will definitely go back again.

Here's what we had...

 photo CYMERA_20130815_230218_zps79bbc2bf.jpg
I had the Beer Battered Fish and Chips with a side of coleslaw. It's the lunch special portion size that's why it's small. It's been a while since I had one and it sure hit the spot. It's crunchy, flaky and not greasy at all. Yum! 

 photo CYMERA_20130815_230300_zps0677c94f.jpg
El Hubby had the Grilled Turkey cheese burger with swiss cheese, avacado on a whole wheat bun. He's so predictable lol. He really liked it. 

 photo CYMERA_20130813_180300_zpsc7c99179.jpg
Oh and Spinach and Sun Dried Tomato Cheese Dip. It has jack, Parmesan and swiss cheese with specs of spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Delish!!!

Del Amo Fashion Center
  • 3525 West Carson Street
  • Torrance CA 90503
  • Ph. (310)921-6080

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homemade Fresh Pupusas at a Kid's Birthday Party?

Oh yeah! I just had the most delicious, authentic homemade Pupusas at a friend daughter's birthday party. They had other food but this was the highlight for me lol.

Pupusas if you don't know, are traditional El Salvadorian dish made of thick and fat corn tortilla stuffed with cheese or any kind of meat. It's served with homemade cabbage slaw with salsa.

 photo IMG_8490_zpsfe7d4582.jpg

 photo IMG_20130728_205741_zps47db0c09.jpg

These are the hands of my friend's god mother who is said to be the one who makes the best pupusas in their family. The pupusas were stuffed with chicharrones (porn rinds) and cheese. OMGaah!

 photo IMG_8273_zps689cacbf.jpg

In the beginning of the party, they served Chicken with green sauce and beef with red sauce. I'm sure there were names for these dishes, I'm just not sure what they were. Both were very tasty and delicious. I like the beef with red sauce the most.

 photo IMG_8302_zpsd1f74f9b.jpg

The theme of the birthday party was Giraffe and Safari so there were Giraffe balloons and decorations. Look at this super cute birthday cake. My friend got it form Maggie's Pastry in North Hollywood. I have to stop by there some time. Their cake is really moist and icing wasn't overly sweet.

 photo IMG_8407_zps39e63101.jpg

My friend also had cupcakes with yellow and brown icing just in case the cake wasn't enough for the guest. The brown cupcake kinda looks like poo, huh? Very yummy poo.

 photo IMG_8428_zps0e70ce6c.jpg

 photo IMG_8429_zps2346cd83.jpg

 photo IMG_8449_zpsfe6cde3a.jpg

They also had Snow cones with bubble gum and watermelon flavor.

 photo IMG_8231_zps7bce5f7c.jpg

 photo IMG_8235_zps51b114e7.jpg

...with my friend, Grace.

 photo IMG_8218_zps0bb0f7df.jpg

Each table had chips and salsa.

 photo IMG_8244_zpsb1628a7c.jpg

Jumper!!! An oversized jumper with slide. OMGaaahh!!!

 photo IMG_20130728_175131_zps165ced23.jpg

Face Painting for everyone

 photo IMG_8223_zps0198fa0c.jpg

 photo IMG_8281_zpsa2cbb525.jpg

El hubby panited LA on grace's face and Hello Kitty on mine.

 photo IMG_8296_zps6ddee32e.jpg

Wildflower Cafe. Our fav brunch spot!

If you're ever in the Redondo Beach area here in Cali, you must stop by Wildflower Cafe. It's our favorite breakfast/brunch spot. They serve fresh and homemade American breakfast and more. El Hubby and I ate here the other day and we had a pleasant experience as always. We sat on the patio and I noticed their umbrellas were bigger than before. Yay to more shade!

Here's what we had...

 photo CYMERA_20130812_002817_zpse88b0248.jpg

Wildflower Feta Burger. It's quite unusual for me to order a burger, but I wasn't in the mood for pancakes or any kind of breakfast food. The burger has spinach and feta cheese and tomatoes hand mix in the ground sirloin between an onion bun. So many different flavors in a burger. My fav was the small bits of salty feta cheese in every bite. Delish. Oh, and that onion burger made my breath staaank, but it was sooo worth it.

 photo CYMERA_20130812_002918_zpsdb6780a4.jpg

El Hubby Cakes had the Smoked Salmon Benedict. I had 2 bites, and I wanted to trade half of my burger for one! Love the generous portion of the smoke salmon. Delish!

 photo CYMERA_20130812_002732_zps2246b0b7.jpg

El Hubby Cake's favorite mocha.

 photo CYMERA_20130812_003015_zps94551045.jpg
We went to Pinkberry for dessert and I got a parfait. LOVE.

(photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and edited with Cymera app)

Click HERE and HERE to see more food from Wildflower Cafe.

600 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Neighborhood: Redondo Beach
            (310) 406-3808     

Friday, August 9, 2013

Homemade Chicken Teriyaki

Homemade Teriyaki Chicken is my new thing. I never realized how easy it is until I looked up a recipe and tried it myself. It's so easy to make and it's way better than the fast food ones. I promise! I made it for El hubby Cakes and my nephew for his birthday and everyone really liked it.

 photo IMG_20130723_233830_zps01b715ed.jpg

 photo IMG_20130723_233531_zps4dced5d2.jpg

Here's the recipe video where I learned how to make it. It's the authentic way to make Chicken Teriyaki.

See you in INSTAGRAM

Chimichurri Rigatoni Recipe

Chimichurri Rigatoni. Have you ever had it before? What about Chimichurri? If you've had Chimichurri then this dish may sound odd. But I promise it's delicious. Chimichurri is a sauce originally from Argentina. It's usually made with parsley, coriander, garlic, vinegar and olive oil. I see it mostly used as a marinade for meats or dipping sauce for breads, but never in pasta. I tried it  last week and it came it pretty delicious. 

 photo IMG_20130801_234714_zps02941041.jpg

Quick recipe... I don't measure the ingredients. Sorry.


  • a bunch of parsley
  • cilantro
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • red wine vinegar
  • lime juice
  • chili flakes
  • salt and pepper
Blend all of the above in a food processor. I used my mini Ninja Blender. Set aside. 

  • homemade chimichurri sauce
  • cooked rigatoni pasta
  • a bunch of spinach
  • cubed cooked chicken sausage
  • chopped yellow onion
  1. With a non stick saute pan, add a little bit of olive oil and turn on the stove to medium heat.
  2. Saute cooked chicken sausage until brown about 5 minutes. U can use any kind of meat u prefer.
  3. Add a bunch of spinach and cook until wilted. You can use any veggies you prefer. I happen to have spinach in the fridge.
  4. Add cooked rigatoni. Mix
  5. Add chimichurri sauce and mix until it's incorporated in the pasta about 1 minute.
  6. Turn off heat and serve. I served it with a side of fresh mozarella cheese.

 photo IMG_20130801_233915_zpsef65470c.jpg

Hope you try it out!

See you on INSTAGRAM

Comfort Filipino Food

I'm back!!! I planned on not posting anymore because I post all my food pics on Instagram @rebekkahceleste and restaurant reviews on Yelp that I felt like posting here would be useless. But I have a few blogger friends who encouraged me to update it again so thanks to them. Glad to know a few people still read my food blog.

For my come back post, I'm going to share Filipino dishes I had with my family in the beginning of this week. These are my Mommy and Abu Cakes' cooking. Their food makes me so happy, warm and fuzzy inside.

 photo IMG_20130805_182344_zps042b1634.jpg
Pork Binakol. It was interesting to know that not a lot of my Filipino friends on Instagram has never heard of it. It's a stew with ginger and pork as the prominent flavor. It has upo, tomatoes and egg plant. Abu Cakes' said it's like "Tinola" (another Filipino dish) but with tomatoes.

 photo IMG_20130806_193445_zps2a5290bd.jpg
Mom's Beef Mechado. Slow cooked beef stew with potatoes I guess what makes it Filipino is the vinegar that gives a little tang. See that beef grease floating on top? That's a must lol.

 photo IMG_20130806_193854_zps317fbeed.jpg
It taste great with steamed white rice.

 photo IMG_20130807_124817_zpsf678a637.jpg
Tortang Talong or Eggplant Omelette. Probably the easiest and cheapest yet most delicious dish my mom makes. A lot of my IG friends says it's their favorite.

 photo IMG_20130806_194810_zpse8310751.jpg
Halabos na Hipon or Buttered Shrimp. Heads on and all is how we do it! All the yum yums are in the shrimp's head, you know!

 photo IMG_20130805_194410_zps880d2364.jpg
I was surprised to find Trader Joe's Cookie Butter at  my mom's. I see it at TJ all the time, but never paid attention to it lol. They're obsessed with this stuff. They said, it's so popular, their local Trader Joes has a limit of 2 per customer. How funny!

 photo IMG_20130806_184505_zpse41f023c.jpg
Oh and I just wanna sneak a photo of my snack when Abu Cakes and I saw The Conjuring in the movie theater. I got Pretzel Bitz sour cream and onions flavor at Wetzel Pretzel. Note to self, never eat these in the dark. I had white powder all over me lol.

 photo IMG_20130806_214032_zps2af5907b.jpg

And here's Marie and I saying good night! She's the only cat I like lol.

Thanks for stopping by!



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