Friday, August 9, 2013

Comfort Filipino Food

I'm back!!! I planned on not posting anymore because I post all my food pics on Instagram @rebekkahceleste and restaurant reviews on Yelp that I felt like posting here would be useless. But I have a few blogger friends who encouraged me to update it again so thanks to them. Glad to know a few people still read my food blog.

For my come back post, I'm going to share Filipino dishes I had with my family in the beginning of this week. These are my Mommy and Abu Cakes' cooking. Their food makes me so happy, warm and fuzzy inside.

 photo IMG_20130805_182344_zps042b1634.jpg
Pork Binakol. It was interesting to know that not a lot of my Filipino friends on Instagram has never heard of it. It's a stew with ginger and pork as the prominent flavor. It has upo, tomatoes and egg plant. Abu Cakes' said it's like "Tinola" (another Filipino dish) but with tomatoes.

 photo IMG_20130806_193445_zps2a5290bd.jpg
Mom's Beef Mechado. Slow cooked beef stew with potatoes I guess what makes it Filipino is the vinegar that gives a little tang. See that beef grease floating on top? That's a must lol.

 photo IMG_20130806_193854_zps317fbeed.jpg
It taste great with steamed white rice.

 photo IMG_20130807_124817_zpsf678a637.jpg
Tortang Talong or Eggplant Omelette. Probably the easiest and cheapest yet most delicious dish my mom makes. A lot of my IG friends says it's their favorite.

 photo IMG_20130806_194810_zpse8310751.jpg
Halabos na Hipon or Buttered Shrimp. Heads on and all is how we do it! All the yum yums are in the shrimp's head, you know!

 photo IMG_20130805_194410_zps880d2364.jpg
I was surprised to find Trader Joe's Cookie Butter at  my mom's. I see it at TJ all the time, but never paid attention to it lol. They're obsessed with this stuff. They said, it's so popular, their local Trader Joes has a limit of 2 per customer. How funny!

 photo IMG_20130806_184505_zpse41f023c.jpg
Oh and I just wanna sneak a photo of my snack when Abu Cakes and I saw The Conjuring in the movie theater. I got Pretzel Bitz sour cream and onions flavor at Wetzel Pretzel. Note to self, never eat these in the dark. I had white powder all over me lol.

 photo IMG_20130806_214032_zps2af5907b.jpg

And here's Marie and I saying good night! She's the only cat I like lol.

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