Sunday, May 30, 2010

WFD Guest: Lobster and Shrimp in Red Sauce.

What's For Dinner? Lobster and Shrimp in Red Sauce.
Guest: Monica Gomez

My bestfriend Mon sent me this photo. She's having it for dinner right now at her mom's friend's house as I write this post. OMG was my first reaction when I saw the photo. I wish I was with her eating this.

I asked her to describe it or at least tell me what's in the sauce. She said, " The lobster and shrimp were boiled in red sauce (tomato sauce). It taste like spicy chipotle with tomato sauce, green bell peppers and cilantro. The cook won't tell me the rest! " lol. So I guess its some type of secret recipe huh?  Oh well whatever is in it, it sure look reaallly good (with bread or white rice yum!) lol.

Hop Woo BBQ Seafood Restaurant /China Town L.A.

My best friend Mon and I send each other random text messages all the time. One of the things we always text about is what food we want to eat. Kinda weird eh, but whatever. Last week, I've been texting her how I've been wanting some really good shrimp fried rice but don't know where to get it. She replied "then go to China town". She's right! Why not go to China Town where they can't mess up a fried rice? And that's exactly where we went on Thursday.

We really didn't know where we were gonna eat. I know some places where my family always eat but those are kind of expensive Chinese restaurant. We were on a budget so lunch specials was calling. She recalled a restaurant she tried called  Hop Woo Bbq and Seafood Restaurant. Mon said, she ate there before with her boyfriend and, she liked it a lot. Mon is a very picky eater. And knowing that she liked it a lot makes me think that it must be reeeallly good ^_^. 

Once you enter the restaurant you will see a window of Roasted Duck hanging and a food to go station.

For some weird reason I like the non matching and kind of confusing decor inside. In the center, It looked like a small banquet hall with outdated chairs and tables with while table cloth. On the side are lime green and burgundy faux leather seats with clear beads hanging. It's kind of tacky but I like it lol.

We just made it right on time before their lunch special was over. Its from 10:00am-4:00pm and we got there around 3:55pm!!! look at the time on our ticket lol. I love Lunch Specials because you always get more for your money.

We ordered from their Lunch Specials menu and we pretty much know what we wanted. Sorry for the poor quality of some of the photos. The battery in my camera died right before I was about to take pictures of the main food boo!! I had to use Mon's camera phone.

 Complimentary Chinese croutons and Salted Peanuts.

Hot Green Tea

and complimentary Egg Drop Sour Soup with Mushrooms and Tofu. Mon didn't like this one. 

Then we got Shrimp Fried Rice! $4.95 The plate was big and was way more than enough for 2 people. Mon and I were so excited when we saw a lot of Shrimps in the plate. They were generous.

Orange Peel Flavor Spicy Chicken $5.99. Love this!!! It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I love how it wasn't too sweet like other Orange Chicken. It was just a hint of orange and spiciness flavor from the sauce.

Beef with Black Bean Sauce $5.55 I ordered this one and Mon was a little unsure at first but once she tried it, she liked it ^_^ . If she only knew what the Black Bean was made out of lol.

Black Bean sauce is a Chinese sauce made from fermented soy beans, wheat flour and spices.

The service was good. But then there weren't a lot of people eating so getting the server's attention wasn't too difficult and we our food in no time. Overall, it was a good place to eat. The food was good (I can only speak for the food shown in this post) and I would go back to this place again and would definitely recommend it to a friend. I suggest to go during their lunch specials to save money. Go to this link for coupons and other food specials.

Hop Woo
Bbq Seafood Restaurant
845 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, Ca. 90012

visit their website

Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Carl Combo (Carl's Jr.)

Carl's Jr. are one of my guiltiest pleasure. I say I hate it yet I crave it and get it once in a while. I used to love them especially the first time they came out with their Six Dollar burgers. Their hamburgers used to be really good back then but now I just feel like the quality of their burgers has gone down or maybe the one by my house just sucks!

Anyway, I got a Big Carl Combo last week. It was the cheapest combo on the menu lol. I feel like major fast food burger joints are getting more and more expensive blah!!!

The combo came with medium soda and fries. The size of the burger was pretty big. It was 2 beef patties with cheese, lettuce, onions, sauce and no tomatoes?? I'm not sure if they forgot or its supposed to be without it. The medium cup was shocking. It was way to big for what I need. I forgot how big they come and I always feel like I have to finish the whole thing.

I like their thick cut fries with skin on. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mc Donald's fries are still my favorite but these are pretty good.

I like to squeeze ketchup on my fries. I don't dip ^_^

After I finished everything even the soda (yikes) I thought to myself  "why did i do this to myself?" lol. I just had a week's worth of calories in one sitting. Of course I'm exaggerating but seriously, it was too much lol. But it was satisfying and, I hate to say this but it was pretty darn good!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flautas and Random Elote Guy

 I love it when a co-worker unexpectedly brings food to work and offers everyone. I don't remember a time when I turn down food. It's rude to say no, you know?! One of my co-workers made Chicken Flautas with homemade salsa and theres no way I would say no that.

Flautas means flute in Spanish. It's also a Mexican dish made by wrapping a tortilla around a savory filling of some kind of meat of your choice. It's fried until crispy and served with an assortment of toppings like sour cream, guacamole, salsa and etc. Its very similar to Taquitos but Flautas are usually bigger and made out flour tortillas instead or corn tortillas.

 The tortilla was still crunchy and the shredded chicken was savory. They are the perfect snack! I dowsed my Flautas in cool sour cream and homemade green salsa.

Random Elote
That same day on my way home I found a man with a shopping cart selling Elotes in front of our condo building. It was an OMG moment. I don't remember the last time I had an Elote. I had to dig in my purse to look for a $1.25. It would be cool if he accepted credit card, but it was cash only lol. If you have no clue what an Elote is, I suggest you watch the movie Nacho Libre with Jack Black and Hector Jimenez. They rewarded themselves with an Elote whenever they win a wrestling match. I love that movie!

Elote means corn in Spanish. It's a very popular street snack in Mexico. It's a corn on a stick slathered with mayonnaise, butter, chili powder and cheese. (sometimes the corn is scraped off the cob and served in a cup with condiments) Over here in Los Angeles, you'll find them being sold in the streets as well. I usually find them at soccer games, school areas, and parks. That's why I was surprised when I saw a guy selling them on my block.

It may look weird like WTF, corn with mayo? But I'm telling you, its really good. Its warm, creamy, sweet and spicy! It was the perfect food to end my day!

Have you had an Elote?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reggae Chicken Food Truck

I don't even know how to begin this entry lol. I'm full of excitement at the moment. I love it whenever I discover new places or in this case, a food truck with really bomb food! I spotted the Reggae Chicken food truck not too long ago on 7th and Hope street in front of Macy's Plaza in Downtown L.A. You can't miss the bright red orange and neon green truck with a picture of a chicken with dreadlocks and sunglasses. It definitely caught my eyes.

It seriously was an OMG moment for me. I get excited whenever I see cool looking food trucks. I'm weird like that. Anyway, I looked at their menu and I noticed that it's Jamaican/American/Mexican fusion. They specialize in Jerk Chicken but they serve it in a burrito, tacos, wraps and on a plate along with sides. I'm sure glad the menu is short and simple or else I would have had a difficult time deciding what to order.

 One of the owner recommended that I get the Marley Burrito. It's the popular one. It's jerk chicken, rice, plantains, onions, cilantro and Jerk sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla and NO! there's no weed in it!!! Some of my friends asked me of it had any weed lol. Sorry guys you won't get high with this burrito..womp, womp, womp! So I went and ordered it and, they gave me a dollar off. So I only paid 5 bucks instead of 6 bucks! Cool!

 I sat on a bench nearby where I devoured this massive burrito. OMG it was the heaviest burrito I have ever picked up. At first, I was kind of intimidated by the size but I shrugged it off and attacked it in the best way possible which is to open my mouth really wide take the biggest bite of my life.

It was my first time having Jerk Chicken and, I must say that it's soooo delicious. The chicken was tender, juicy and cooked just right. It was spicy but not too spicy where you can't enjoy it. It was just right. I also enjoyed the plantains inside which gave it that hint of sweetness. I couldn't complain. I was in heaven.

It was so delicious but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it. I was too full and I didn't wanna go on a food coma. I still had to do other stuff afterwards. I took my left over to my mom  and she loved it too ^_^. I will definitely go back and eat the Marley Burrito again and of course try other things in the menu.

If you are looking for delicious, affordable and authentic Jerk chicken then you should definitely try Reggae Chicken. And you can stalk them on Twitter to find out when and where is their next stop.
Twitter: ReggaeJerkChicken

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Norms, where life happens ^_^ Pt.2

Whenever I start liking a restaurant, I will convince my boyfriend to eat there with me whenever we go out until I get sick of it ^_^. I know, I'm weird like that. The bf is so nice that he always says suuuuure! So yeah we ate again at Norms. Click HERE to read about my other experience with Norms.This time I was craving a really good tuna melt and I remember Norms for having good tuna melt so I went ahead and ordered it.

It was all white meat Albacore Tuna salad on whole wheat bread and melted American cheese. Yumm! It was really delicious. I also like how the bread was extra toasted. Its a bit bitter but that's the way I like my bread.

I dowsed it in Ranch dressing. My boyfriend though it was gross but to me it took the tuna melt into a whole new level of goodness...fatty goodness I mean ^_^

On the other hand, the boyfriend had the Veggie Omelette. Obviously, it was healthier than my tuna melt and according to the bf, it was still a satisfying plate even though there was not meat. He especially loved the slices of Avocado on top. 

And of course I had to order hotcakes. I won't leave Norms without ordering them.

As always I like a generous slather of salty butter with maple syrup and, I like to cut it like a pizza!

I wasn't able to take those last 2 bites. I was already full and my pants was already super tight! Booo!

Have you guys eaten at Norms? If so, what do you like to get?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Food.

My family celebrated Mother's Day 2 days early by eating at an "All You Can Eat Korean Bbq". Too bad I won't have photos up because I wasn't able to go!!! I had to work that night wonk, wonk O_o I bet it was nice sniffing that smell of beef sizzling on the grill...

On the other hand, we got together again for dinner on the actual day of Mother's day and celebrated a little with good food. My mom cooked her special "Sinampalukang Manok"(Chicken in Tamarind Soup) and my cousin made her homemade "Meat Lasagna".  That day, I woke up to the smell of tamarind. It was so strong, I could smell it all the way in my room. My mom woke up early to go to China Town and Filipino market to buy some ingredients for her "Sinampalukang Manok". I know I should be doing the cooking since its her day but my mom has been planning to cook this for awhile now and she was really excited about it.

My mom also got me Chinese Pork Buns from China Town to eat for breakfast. They are oh soo goood! It's kind'a like a big sweet dinner roll stuffed with Chinese BBQ Pork.

 This is a family favorite. We always get these to go whenever we go to China Town. It's sweet and savory!

The ones at the back are like Chinese Cinamon rolls. But instead of sugar and Cinnamon, it has sweet bean paste inside ^_^. It was really delicious too.

I seriously almost forgot to take a picture of my mom's "Sinampalukang Manok"(Chicken in Tamarind Soup) . She made a huge pot of it and this was the last bowl. All the adults ate it so fast.

You can see the tiny pieces of tamarind leaves that gave the this stew the sour flavor.

My cousin's "Meat Lasagna" is the best. She makes really good pasta dishes. It was just the right balance of creaminess and meatiness, if there are such words lol.

These might sound a weird combination to one time but the Tamarind Chicken stew was more for the adults and the Meat Lasagna was for the kids. And besides we don't care if our food match or not ^_^

How was your Mother's Day?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Skinny Burrito at El Taurino.

What the heck? It's not the same anymore. My ultimate favorite Pura Carne Asada (All Meat) burrito at El Taurino has become anorexic!!! I ordered it with excitement, anticipated the taste and huge portion because I was ready to stuff my face and when I finally got it and took my first bite, I was like "'s skinny!!". 

Last week, my friends and I just came from watching Grunions lay eggs at Venice beach and we were super hungry. My friend Grace and I were craving tacos really bad so we decided to go to El Taurino restaurant in Los Angeles to fulfill our cravings. You can't go wrong with El Taurino. Just don't go at 2 in the morning because all the drunk Asian people coming from the clubs come here to sober up and munch on tacos lol and, they get pretty annoying ^_^ Peace! back to my burrito. I've been ordering this bad boy for years. It used to be huge  and stuffed with all meat. I used to feel bad after eating a whole one because it was too much for me. But not anymore. It was like eating a fat Quesadilla without the cheese. Even my friend Grace also noticed how the burrito shrunk siiiggghhh....

Taste wise, it was still the bomb!!!! The Carne Asada was tender with a hint of lime and it's best paired with their green salsa that I can't get enough of. Here's a quick video that I took to answer why the burrito got skinny lol. I'm such a dork but oh well ^_^

Next time I should just get their Tacos and Sopes. They never disappoint.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Did you say, Tres Leches Parfait?

No way! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a Tres Leches Parfait at the Thee's Continental Pastries at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, Ca. Tres Leches cake is one of my favorite desserts of all time and to see it in a parfait form, oh man, it was exciting lol. Tres Leches cake or Pastel Tres Leches is a Spanish "three milk cake" is either a sponge cake, butter or vanilla cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk: condense milk, evaporated milk and and heavy cream. It sounds weird but trust me, its really good.

Thee's Continental Pastries has been featured many times in local news for their delicious and fresh pastries, cakes and more.

Wow, it was really good. It was a layers of soaked cake in milk, home made whipped cream and chopped cherries. I noticed that it didn't taste like the traditional Tres Leches that I'm used to, which is heavy and sweet. This parfait was really light, airy and not too sweet.

My friend Jean got their Chocolate Square Pastry. She said it was delicious so I'll take her word for it lol.

Great desserts with great friends! By the way, Mon didn't eat because she got a root canal and couldn't eat...Pobrecita!

Check out their website for more info

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Norms, where life happens ^_^

...seriously, I've been saying it since My boyfriend and I  ate there.  The first time I tried Norms was way back in my freshman year in college. I remember getting their tuna melt and it was pretty good. Since then I haven't had Norms. I can't believe it took me this long to eat there again. Norms is soooo good. I love it and, I can't stop talking about it. They give you a lot of food, huge portions and very affordable. I can't get over it!

It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to get. Their menu has a huge selection of breakfast, burgers, salads, sandwiches to their own specialties and etc. and I can't get over how cheap everything was. Cheaper than Denny's I believe. My boyfriend said, I look like the Asian girl on the menu lol.

 You can't miss the bright red orange letters!!! NORMS!

My boyfriend had their Country Cookin' $8.59 Texas Size” Country two breaded Chicken Breasts fried to a crunchy golden brown. Served with our creamy Country Gravy. Our Original Recipe (  Omg the chicken breast were so juicy and tender and it kind'a melts in your mouth. 

It was soft and juicy. It was seasoned well and cooked just the way I like it, medium!! 

You get a choice of Toast and Jelly, English Muff in, Biscuit and Gravy, or two Hotcakes. We chose HOTCAKES!!!

I like my pancakes slathered with salty, creamy butter and dreched in maple syrup! They were light yet thick.

I finished everything!!! I was so hungry and it was soo good. Our server was like, "oh wow, you're really hungry."

My boyfriend and I were very satisfied. You get a lot of food, good food for cheap and the service is awesome! You should Norms a try if you haven't

Check out their website for a location near you


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