Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Carl Combo (Carl's Jr.)

Carl's Jr. are one of my guiltiest pleasure. I say I hate it yet I crave it and get it once in a while. I used to love them especially the first time they came out with their Six Dollar burgers. Their hamburgers used to be really good back then but now I just feel like the quality of their burgers has gone down or maybe the one by my house just sucks!

Anyway, I got a Big Carl Combo last week. It was the cheapest combo on the menu lol. I feel like major fast food burger joints are getting more and more expensive blah!!!

The combo came with medium soda and fries. The size of the burger was pretty big. It was 2 beef patties with cheese, lettuce, onions, sauce and no tomatoes?? I'm not sure if they forgot or its supposed to be without it. The medium cup was shocking. It was way to big for what I need. I forgot how big they come and I always feel like I have to finish the whole thing.

I like their thick cut fries with skin on. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Mc Donald's fries are still my favorite but these are pretty good.

I like to squeeze ketchup on my fries. I don't dip ^_^

After I finished everything even the soda (yikes) I thought to myself  "why did i do this to myself?" lol. I just had a week's worth of calories in one sitting. Of course I'm exaggerating but seriously, it was too much lol. But it was satisfying and, I hate to say this but it was pretty darn good!!!

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Jing said...

pinas had carls jr when i was in college. they pulled out because of course mas kagandahan daw si jollibee eh. i forgot the taste of the burger. i hope i can still remember but im sure it tasted so good.


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