Friday, July 30, 2010

Thai Original BBQ in L.A. and Street Tacos in Azusa.

Every since I told Morris about the Thai Original BBQ restaurant, he's been taking all his friends and dates here lol. He fell in love with this place and its the first place that comes into mind when were talking about good BBQ. It's also my family's favorite because the food is really good, very affordable and we love the their huge portions.

Last week Morris, Grace and I went here. Morris ordered the Thai BBQ Pork Short Ribs, Pork short ribs sauteed with garlic and black pepper with Shrimp Fried Rice This is the only thing he gets in the menu and its one of my favorites too. Look at how much meat is on the plate. The meat is always soft, tender and falls off the bone. I think it was only 10bucks.

Can you see the sauce on the side that looks like maple syrup? It's their Original World Famous Thai BBQ Sauce. It's a sweet sauce that goes with the BBQ or pretty much anything. They are pretty known for their sauce and you can even buy them in a bottle to take home :)

Grace and I shared this huge plate of Sate Beef Dinner with Shrimp Fried Rice. You get about 8 beef skewers on a bed of Shrimp Fried Rice with peanut sauce on the side. The beef was cooked medium well. Its really peppery and the texture was soft and tender and not gummy at all.  It was more than enough for me and Grace ^_^

After our nice early dinner we drove all the way to Azusa which was 40 minutes away from L.A. to attend Morris' friend's going away party. I'm saying it was a short road trip because it seemed forever in the car.  When we got there we saw a Taquero, a person that sells tacos in a cart a block away from the house party. We can smell it from the time we got out of the car to the house. This got Grace and I super excited. We seriously love our tacos especially street tacos.The best tacos I've had are the ones from a taco truck and the streets!

He was in front of a liquor store and there was a long line of people waiting. They had Carne Asada, Al pastor (spiced pork) and Pollo (chicken). You know me, I had to take a video and photo but the owner told me to stop taking pictures O_o I guess because they don't have a license to sell tacos and they're worried . There's a lot of street vendors that doesn't have a license and its a risk you're taking when you buy food from them. But they honestly have the best food in town hands down!

Grace and I got one Al Pastor with green sauce and one Carne Asada with red sauce for a dollar each!! Man, if i only knew there will be tacos then I shouldn't have ate at the Thai place. We were still pretty full so we only got 2 just to try them. The tacos were really good. I liked how the Taquero first dipped the tortillas in oil very lightly then heated them on top of the flat grill. It gave the tortillas a little bit of crunch.

Thai Original BBQ restaurant
4055 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020


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Monica's First All You Can Eat Korean BBQ!!!

I've been planning this for weeks and finally we were able to go today. My friends Mon, Morris and I went to Tahoe Galbi Restaurant on Wilshire and Wilton (Los Angeles, Ca.) for an "All You Can Eat" Korean BBQ. It was recommended by a co-worker and it was only $9.99 during lunch so why not? It's Monica's first time and I was more excited for her. She's so picky with food that I wanted her to try different things. I told her we get to cook our own meat and we can eat as much as we can from pork belly, beef brisket to chicken. She didn't even know this type of restaurants existed. She told me she had a bad experience with Korean food so she was a little worried lol.

 I didn't eat anything the whole day and I was prepared for this meal. I didn't even paid attention to the decor of the place until I saw these pictures that I took. It looks pretty cool and it was really clean from what I remember lol. ( I know, I'm lame!) But I did notice these huge flat screen televisions that were mounted pretty much everywhere lol . I'm not sure why they had so many O_o

I didn't really read the menu. We were there for the lunch special All you can Eat for $9.99 ^_^

What I love about Korean restaurants is they give you a whole bunch of tiny plates that you can eat as appetizers or eat with your main meal. Its so much that it covers the whole table lol.

They gave leaf salad with sweet vinaigrette. These were so good. I'm not sure what's in it but I sure can eat this all day.

....potato salad

...sea weed salad which was gummy and yummy!

...kimchi (pickled cabbage), gotta have it!

...pickled zucchini ( i think). This was a little spicy but good.

...salt and dipping sauce. I'm not sure what type of salt it was but it was good with the meat. It was a bit salty and sweet at the same time. My friends and I were all over this.

..jalapenos and some type of garlic puree.  This was really good with the chicken.

...I forgot what this was but it tasted like steamed egg whites with a seafood taste. It's like a seafood gelatin lol.  But ofcourse I might be 100% wrong but I still ate it  and, I liked it. ^_^

...Korean Miso Soup. Mon didn't like this too much because of the onion-y taste. But I did! I love that onion-y taste ^_^

This was the Beef Brisket. The meat cooked in seconds because they were so thin.

We also had pork belly and chicken. We took turns in cooking the meat. I like fact that we can cook our own meat to our own liking. I like my meat to be a little toasted ^_^

They gave us this rice drink at the end. Oh man, this was delicious. It was cold and it tasted like rice water with a hint of sugar and ginger. It was the most refreshing thing. Mon said it tasted like Horchata, a Mexican Rice drink. But she doesn't know what she was talking about since she has a confused pallete lol.

Over all, we had a really great time. As you can tell, I didn't even know the names of the things we were eating but I ate them all and all that matters was I liked it, we got really stuffed and Monica was happy. She said it was good and she can see herself coming back to this place. Oh and Morris couldn't put out and he was the first one to quit eating ha!!! BOOO!

Tahoe Galbi restaurant
(213) 365-9000            
3986 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going Away Potluck for boss Deb.

Like what I said, I love pot lucks and I can have it every week. It's so much fun to get together with friends and share food with one another. Click HERE to see my recent potluck post. We decided to have a potluck lunch at work as a surprise to my boss' last day of work because she will be transferred to another location. It wasn't a surprise anymore since someone told her about it lol. On the other hand, she was surprised on how much food we brought and she was so happy and thankful.

We did it in our small lunch area and we sat together and pigged out while we chatted and exchanged funny, girly and Twilight stories lol.

Jackie made her famous and delicious Mexican Rice with mushrooms, tomatoes and red onions. It was so good, I could eat it by itself.

Jackie also made her Soy Sauce Beans requested by me. She mashed cooked pino beans and added a little bit of soy sauce. Its a little sumthin' sumthin' in there that makes  you go...hmmmm what is that?

I bought this Colossal Roasted Chicken from Ralphs. I didn't have time to make the lumpias so I brought this instead. Its very tender and the meat kind'a melts in your mouth. You can't go wrong with roasted chicken from the grocery store. It's good, very affordable and it fed everyone!

Jackie brought a little of Carne Asada.

Patty brought her delicious Chicken Flautas. Click HERE to find out what flautas are. This is my second time eating Patty's Flautas. They are crunchy and delicious and goes well with sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

Jackie once again made this Guacamole dip/sauce. Oh man this is one of my favorites from Jackie's cooking. She mixed guacamole, lots of lime/lemon juice, tomatoes and cilantro in the blender to make a sauce consistency. It's simplicity at its best! It's very tangy and goes great with pretty much anything.

Kristie brought these beautiful cupcakes from Frosted Cupcakery in Hollywood for desert. They are very famous cupcake place in Los Angeles. They were the perfect sweets to end out pig out session. Don't you just wanna taste everything? We cut everything in half so everyone can have a little bit of everything.

I got half of the orange cupcake with white chocolate shavings ( left) and those little cupcake sandwich looking thinggys (right) lol. These are the best cupcakes I've had in a long time. I've never had an orange flavored cupcake and, its was very delicious. I love how the orange flavor wasn't too much but it really pulled through. The little cupcake sandwich was very interesting. Those crystals you see are not sugar. They're actually salt crystals. It was unexpected and I made a weird face when I took a bite. On the other hand, I kept eating it because the flavor was very intriguing ^_^

Deb brought this pretty Red Velvet cake for Kristie because it was her birthday a week a go. tummy was about to explode so I only took a bite of this O_o

This was our beautiful spread that we tried to fit in the skinny table at the lunch area lol.

Grace and I went to Jackie's place to help her cook some of the stuff ^_^

Overall, it was a fun and successful potluck. We will surely miss Deb. She's the best boss/manager a person could ever have. Good luck to her!

Dodger Dogs and Dreyers' Dibs

Wow, last time I went to an L.A. Dodgers game was way back in high school during my senior year with the Pre Calculus class. Our teacher got us free tickets because everyone did well in the class. Geesh, I don't even remember how I passed that class lol. Anyway, Kiko, his nephew Junior and I went to the Dodgers game. It's Kiko's birthday treat for Junior since he just turned 10. It's their first time at a Dodgers game so it was something to remember.

I don't really know anything about baseball and, the only exposure I've had with baseball is playing it on Wii and that one time Kiko and I went to the batting cages ^_^, which was super fun because I was hitting every ball!. I'm glad we planned this day because it was really fun. The atmosphere was hyped and pumped and even though I didn't understand what's going on, I had fun eating Dodger Dogs and Dibs!! You know I only went for the hotdogs right?

Dodger Dogs were 5 bucks each! It felt right to get one of these and yeah they're over priced but it was good. I can't say anything special or bad about them I think its a pretty good hotdog especially when you haven't eaten anything the whole day O_o

I like my hotdog with lots of ketchup and mustard. YUM!

We also ate these Dreyers Dibs. Have you guys had one of these? They're bite sized ice cream coated in chocolate crunch. They're so good and addicting. You just pop em in your mouth!

You have to eat these fast or else they will melt

Thank you so much for stopping by and don't forget to comment ^_^

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Corn dogs made with Pancake batter^_^

I am the best aunt ever!!! Last Saturday my nieces and nephew came over and I made corn dogs.  I didn't know how to make the corn batter so I used a pancake batter instead. I used those pancake batter mix where you just have to add water. Wasn't so sure how it was going to turn out but it was a success! Everyone loved it, and they devoured every little corn dog until it was finished.

I used Oscar Meyer Weiners and cut them in pieces and dipped each one in the pancake batter, deep fried in hot canola oil and cooked until it was golden brown. It only took a couple of minutes to cook one corn dog.

The corn dogs were really tasty. It didn't have the firmness of  a regular corn dog but it had a crunchy exterior. Not bad at all. I ate mine with a hotdog bun with ketchup and mayo. Obviously, its the not the healthiest because of all the oils and stuff but its something you can make for your family once in awhile. It's easy and fast to make and I promise everyone will love it .

Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

Bad Vietnamese Food and the perfect Boba Drink!

If you know me well then you should know that I'm not picky with food. I pretty much will eat anything edible and, I hardly ever complain about food. So when I say something is not good then it really is not good!! Last week, my mom, grandma and I went to a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. There's a a lot of Vietnamese food joints all over L.A. I think its weird that a lot of them are runned and owned by Koreans. How do I know this? because they have Korean writings all over the wall and sometimes the owners are there to serve the customers. I'm not saying anything bad but I mean, it will be weird if Filipinos runs an Indian restaurant with Tagalog on the wall right? Feel free to argue.
Anyway, So my mom was craving really good Vietnamese food and Pho 21 which is located in Korea Town is not too far from us so we decided to go there. (I don't know why many Pho Restaurants has a numbers in their names. I gotta find out why lol )We went during lunch hours so the place was kind of packed. Also, I noticed a lot of people were ordering food to go. It gave me an impression that this place must be really good.

Their menu of course had traditional and familiar Vietnamese food like Pho, rice and noodle dishes and egg rolls. As usual, I didn't really know what I wanted until I looked around and saw how huge their bowl of Pho was. So House Special Pho it was for me!

I ordered the House Special Combo. It had meatballs, rare steak, brisket, tripe and tendon. Hmmm..this was okay. I can't really point anything bad about it except it didn't have a lot of meat. I've had better Pho but this wasn't bad. It was okay and it definitely filled me up. I had to share it with my mom and grandma since it was way too much soup for me to finish.

I ate it with Hoisin sauce and Chili sauce

My grandma got their BBQ Chicken and Rice dish. This was really nasty. I know nasty is a harsh word to use but the dish seriously sucked. The fried rice and chicken was really oily. I never mind oily food but this was way too oily for my liking. I could taste the oil in my mouth..yuck! Also, the BBQ Chicken was very bland. A little salt would be nice and I can't help but notice the small portion. Once again they were stingy with the meat sigh...

My mom had the noodle salad with Beef and Egg roll. My mom is also not a picky eater and, she said this wasn't good at all. I tasted it and she was right. It was very bland. Even the sauce that you pour in it was bland. No bueno! They're supposed to be tasty and refreshing but we didn't care for it all all.

Overall, it was a bad experience. The service was excellent but the food was really bad. I guess we ordered the wrong thing but this is far by the worst Vietnamese food I've ever had O_o We will never come back here again. I may recommend the Pho if you decided to come here since it was decent but other than that don't order any of the noddle and rice dishes!

After bad Vietnamese food we went across the street at the Kaffee House, a Korean Coffee house and lounge and got some Boba drinks or Bubble Tea. Boba drinks are a slushy, smoothie with huge tapioca inside. This definitely made up for the bad food. The slushies were smooth, big and lots of bobas in it.

Their regular size boba drinks are really big and its almost 5 bucks. I don't mind paying 5 bucks for a huge boba drink ^_^I got the Green Tea Smoothie with Boba. Green tea is my favorite flavor! I had to share it with my grandma since it was too big.

My mom got the Thai Tea Smoothie with Boba. There was a lot of Boba inside than expected which was a yay for me!

Pho 21
705 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Neighborhood: Koreatown
          (213) 739-7998     

Kaffee House
700 S Western AveSte #102
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Neighborhood: Koreatown 


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