Friday, July 30, 2010

Thai Original BBQ in L.A. and Street Tacos in Azusa.

Every since I told Morris about the Thai Original BBQ restaurant, he's been taking all his friends and dates here lol. He fell in love with this place and its the first place that comes into mind when were talking about good BBQ. It's also my family's favorite because the food is really good, very affordable and we love the their huge portions.

Last week Morris, Grace and I went here. Morris ordered the Thai BBQ Pork Short Ribs, Pork short ribs sauteed with garlic and black pepper with Shrimp Fried Rice This is the only thing he gets in the menu and its one of my favorites too. Look at how much meat is on the plate. The meat is always soft, tender and falls off the bone. I think it was only 10bucks.

Can you see the sauce on the side that looks like maple syrup? It's their Original World Famous Thai BBQ Sauce. It's a sweet sauce that goes with the BBQ or pretty much anything. They are pretty known for their sauce and you can even buy them in a bottle to take home :)

Grace and I shared this huge plate of Sate Beef Dinner with Shrimp Fried Rice. You get about 8 beef skewers on a bed of Shrimp Fried Rice with peanut sauce on the side. The beef was cooked medium well. Its really peppery and the texture was soft and tender and not gummy at all.  It was more than enough for me and Grace ^_^

After our nice early dinner we drove all the way to Azusa which was 40 minutes away from L.A. to attend Morris' friend's going away party. I'm saying it was a short road trip because it seemed forever in the car.  When we got there we saw a Taquero, a person that sells tacos in a cart a block away from the house party. We can smell it from the time we got out of the car to the house. This got Grace and I super excited. We seriously love our tacos especially street tacos.The best tacos I've had are the ones from a taco truck and the streets!

He was in front of a liquor store and there was a long line of people waiting. They had Carne Asada, Al pastor (spiced pork) and Pollo (chicken). You know me, I had to take a video and photo but the owner told me to stop taking pictures O_o I guess because they don't have a license to sell tacos and they're worried . There's a lot of street vendors that doesn't have a license and its a risk you're taking when you buy food from them. But they honestly have the best food in town hands down!

Grace and I got one Al Pastor with green sauce and one Carne Asada with red sauce for a dollar each!! Man, if i only knew there will be tacos then I shouldn't have ate at the Thai place. We were still pretty full so we only got 2 just to try them. The tacos were really good. I liked how the Taquero first dipped the tortillas in oil very lightly then heated them on top of the flat grill. It gave the tortillas a little bit of crunch.

Thai Original BBQ restaurant
4055 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90020


That's all for now! and thank you so much for stopping by.


Madz said...

Everything looks so nice, I wish there was a Taquero near my house. I'd definitely buy often! :)

thestartsteam said...

Yes! Original Thai BBQ! I haven't eaten there in forever, everything looks so good!

Bombchell said...

omg!!!!!! I want!!!! :( now Im hungry


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