Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reddddd Robin...Yum!!!

Have you guys seen the Red Robin Commercial? The burgers looks soo good on television and it's weird because there is no Red Robin that I know of in L.A. Kiko and I had to go to Torrance by South Bay Galleria just to get some Red Robbin. Kiko and I love our burgers so we had high hopes for this place.Red Robbin reminds me of Chillis or Fridays restaurant.It's casual dining and laid back.

They had a huge menu of all kinds of gourmet hamburgers, wraps, sandwiches and etc and the prices were from 6 to 12 bucks. You know I can never decide on what to order and I had to rely on pictures because I wanted to see if it looks good or not. Or to make my life easier, I just ask the server for his/her favorite so I can blame him/her if I don't like it lol jk ^_^

There were these group of guys next to our table who were really loud because they were drinking and all of them were trying to hit on their server lol. like...come on!!! We felt so bad for the girl.

So Kiko got their Sauteed Shroom Burger, "A mushroom lover's dream come true! Loaded with fresh, plump, sautéed mushrooms, a hint of garlic Parmesan butter and topped with melted Swiss for that extra Yumm". $9.79 (source:
It was good but not the best Mushroom burger he had ever tired. He pointed out how the portion was pretty small and compared it to Islands mushroom burger which was humongous and they're about the same price. In the end, he wasn't really happy O_o

I was debating whether to get their Blue Ribbon Burger or Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich because they looked really good in pictures lol. I let the server decide for me and she highly recommended the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich so I got it. A perfectly grilled chicken breast with freshly prepared 
bruschetta salsa, pesto aioli, Provolone cheese, romaine lettuce and balsamic cream on rustic ciabatta bread. $10.49 (source:

OMGah, it was the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. It's a strong statement but its true. The chicken was extremely soft and it kind'a melted in my mouth, I swear!  And flavors of pesto aioli, tomatoes and the balsamic cream (gosh, i love this!)  worked so well together and was a party in my mouth lol. I also liked the softness of the Ciabatta bread :) Oh man, it was good, oooohh soooo gooood!

Portion wise, I liked how my sandwich wasn't too big because I was able to finish it and felt good about myself lol. Kiko on the other hand kept on telling me that their burgers could have been bigger. I agree in a way because their prices were about the same as Island burgers. I know, we really love Islands that's why we couldn't help but compare the two.

I also like their steak fries.I usually prefer my skinny fries but these thick ones were really good too. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside :)

So...would I eat here again? Yes and I will get the same Bruschetta Chicken sandwhich lol. But Kiko said he won't eat here so I guess next time I have to take my friends Grace or Monica with me ^_^

Go to to find a Red Robbin near you :)


Brooke said...

Your pictures make me so hungry!!

Eugenia said...

you are so lucky you have a red robin by you! For some reason they always play commercials where i live but there none nearby!


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