Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Donuts and Pupusas for breakfast???

Another super late post! But like what the title said, I had donuts and pupusas for breakfast at work. 2 of my co-workers brought the food for everyone to enjoy. It was the last day of summer school, and this was the teacher's way of thanking everyone for a great summer working and helping one another with the children. Heck yeah, we deserved this food since we worked so hard right?

 These regular size donuts are for the adults. I like any donuts but my favorite is the Bavarian cream filled donuts ^_^

This fun size mini donuts were for the kids after school ^_^

Ms. Claudia brought these awesomely delicious Pupusas. They are a popular El Salvadorian food. To me, they're kind of like stuffed fat Quesadillas. You take Masa (corn flour dough) and form it like a flat bread, then you  stuff it with all kinds of meats, beans or cheese or pretty much whatever you want.

She brought some beans and pork Pupusas, and omg these were bomb! I had one of each and gaaahhh it was the heaviest breakfast I've had in a while, but totally worth it. The beans were really creamy inside. I ate it with this cabbage and carrot relish and salsa on top.

My co-workers and I were stuffed, and it probably wasn't a good idea to eat so much before work because we all felt sleepy afterward lol. But it was good eats!

Thanks for stopping by!

Korean Burger whaaa?? (Kalbi Burger)

Don't get weird with the idea of a Korean Burger. If those Korean tacos are becoming more and more popular, then why not a Korean Burger. This is another old post by the way. I was supposed to put it this up a month and a half ago lol. Anyway, I found this place newly opened close to my work. It's called Kalbi Burger. The thought of a burger with Korean flavors excites me because I'm all about trying different things.

I went one day during my lunch break just to see what's good. The owner greeted me with a nice smile, and I guess I looked confused because he immediately talked to me and explained to me the menu even before I asked lol.They have a decent menu of all kinds of burgers and hotdogs to choose from. Their Seoul Hotdog caught my eye because the description says it has sauteed Kimchi on top lol. But I had to get a burger since the owner recommended it.

So what the heck is a  Kalbi Burger? Its a burger place that sells American burgers infused with Asian flavors/ingredients. So think of a Korean BBQ in a burger ^_^ Sounds good doesn't it? The owner also said that their meat is 100% Angus Beef, all natural with no hormones and non of that scary stuff that's bad for the body and never frozen, so that's definitely a plus.

I got their signature burger, the Kalbi Burger. I got it to go that's why the burger looks all squished. It's a buger mix of ground short rib and ground chuck in a french bread roll. It has American cheese, romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, Korean Vinaigrette and Kalbi Aoili sauce.

My friend asked me if it tasted weird. To me, not all. I think the Asian/Korean flavor infused in the burger works really well together. It was a mix of savory at sweet and I can taste the sesame flavor right off the bat which I really loved. The taste is not something you would expect in a traditional burger (well that's kind of the point lol). I couldn't stop eating because the flavors are so interesting.

I told Grace (she's Korean) about this burger and she was grossed out with the idea because she absolutely hates Korean tacos. I think her palette and brain was confused because I was there when she had her first Korean Taco. It looked like a Mexican Taco because its in a tortilla so her brain was telling her " hey grace, this is Mexican taco" but when she took a bite, it tasted like Korean BBQ,  and she immediately felt weird as hell lol. It was the funniest thing ever. I had to finish it for her. I think it goes the same with this burger. But I think its delicious and I recommend it to everyone.

The photo below is taken from their website kalbiburger.com just to show you guys how pretty it looks.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, visit  Kalbi Burger to try some cool and interesting Hamburgers or visit their website to see their full menu. kalbiburger.com/

Kalbi Burger
4001 Wilshire Bldv. 
Unit E, Los Angeles Ca 

Weekend Carne Asada and Flan Cake ^_^

Kiko and I had plans to hangout and watch the movie The Inception on Saturday. But instead we went to his brother's improptu BBQ. Kiko got the phone call from his brother  when he was about to pick me up. So he asked me..."Baby kos, do you want BBQ or Leonardo Dicaprio?". Hmmm it was a tough question...NOT! Of course I chose BBQ! Leonardo is gonna have to wait.

There was no particular reason for the BBQ. I kept on calling it "Back to School BBQ" just because school is around the corner and Kiko's nieces and nephews were there. I guess Kiko's bro just wanted to hangout with everyone which was cool! By the way, he is great cook. He makes delicious Carne Asada and he makes the meanest salsa you'll ever taste in your life!

 We had Carne Asada which means Grilled Beef and commonly prepared in many Latino families. The beef is thinly sliced sometimes marinated or seasoned then cooked on the grill. It's usually eaten with corn or flour tortillas, with Mexican rice and beans. Also, they had Pollo Asada which means Grilled Chicken ^_^

He also grilled some green onions! You gotta have this.

We munched on Fritos and Doritos while we wait for the food to be cooked.

This is a cute Tortilla warmer. You gotta have this to keep your tortillas warm ^_^

Of course you gotta have tortillas. This is a staple. Vianney (Kiko's siter in law) heated both Corn and flour Tortillas. I like Corn tortillas better ^_^

Look at my beautiful plate. I had beans, salsa and grilled Green Onion to go with my Carne Asada. The meat was tender and cooked perfectly every time!

This is Jason's Salsa. It was hot, very peppery and garlic-y which I loved. I'm not sure what he put in it. I gotta ask him for the recipe. I poured it on my Carne Asada and I had it with the Fritos. It was very addicting.

Kiko and I brought dessert. I picked this delicious looking Flan Cake from Vons Supermarket. It has Kiwi, Strawberries and Mandarin Oranges on Top. I'm very bad because I had 2 slices of this. 

There was a thin layer of flan in the middle and it wasn't too sweet at all. Gosh, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner ^_^

Kiko picked this Chocolate Pie. He got weirded out when the whipped cream on top smelled like spoiled milk which it really did but it didn't taste spoiled at all. The whipped cream tasted like Mexican Cream. But then no one wanted to touch it after he pointed out the spoiled smell lol.

So that was my fun random BBQ or Carne Asada weekend. I hope you guys liked it ^_^

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside." -Mark Twain

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sushi & Teri and Pink Berry

I have to catch up on my food post. I don't really care if people read my food blog or not. I just want to document all my eating adventures because it's fun.^_^ But thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who stop by once in a while to comment or say hello :)

So here is another time when I went to hang out with Kiko. We went to Little Tokyo/Japanese Plaza Village in Downtown L.A. to get our sushi cravings fixed at Sushi & Teri. There's tonz of sushi restaurants in Little Tokyo, but this is our first sushi spot as a couple, so we've been eating here ever since. It's  good and very affordable.

 photo taken from yelp.com

 There was a couple who were sitting next to our table and we over heard most of their conversation. They were on their first date, and it seemed like the girl wasn't interested at all. The guy was trying too hard by saying weird things, and Kiko and I were like..uuhh huh?

I ordered the Caterpillar Roll because I love the creamy avocado on top and the sweet eel. I love how they did the presentation making it look like a caterpillar ^_^

 Kiko got one of their Bento Combination. Grilled Salmon and Steamed Rice with 4 California Rolls, 2 sushi, Tempura and salad. Kiko always gets the same thing, I swear lol. He likes it for sure ^_^

 After sushi, we went to my favorite frozen yogurt place in the world, Pink Berry!!! Theres one right across from the plaza. I seriously eat this a lot lol. I got a small Watermelon with Watermelon chunks, Blueberries, Mangoes and Mochis. Yum! Watermelon is their new flavor for the summer. I hope they keep it because its my favorite thing to get besides original. It was very refreshing and light, and I can honestly eat this everyday of my life ^_^

Kiko got the medium Chocolate with Chocolate crunch, Sun Flower seeds, Almonds and Strawberries. I don't really like chocolate, so I never get this but Kiko really enjoyed it ^_^

That's all folks ^_^

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lunch with Marie...

Marie Callender's restaurant has never let me down. Kiko and I likes to come here whenever we crave a really good home made meal like your mama made it. Of course they are known for their delicious pies, but they pretty much have everything in their menu, and I always try something different whenever we come here.

I noticed a lot of families and old folks come here a lot and maybe that's why I like it so much lol. I like old peeps because they are super nice and friendly.

I looked at their salad menu first trying to see if I can order something healthy...yeah right!

They gave us a complimentary corn bread with whipped sweet butter to start. Man, I ate half of this. It was the best corn bread I've ever had. It was moist, and it went really well with the sweet butter.

Could you believe I made up my mind right away? lol I got their Salad sampler. It had Mandarin salad, Chicken salad, and Spinach Quiche. It was delicious. The Quiche was light and fluffy, and I liked the melted cheddar cheese and bacon bits on top. The Chicken Salad was good too. It had the right amount of mayo and I love the candied walnuts. Yummy!

Kiko got their Burger Combo where you get a burger of your choice, fries and a slice of Marie's pie. It was only $8.99. The burger was a pretty small but Kiko said it was pretty good. They only gave us a handful of fries, but we asked for more ^_^

For dessert, he chose the chocolate cream pie...yum!

Have you guys ever been to Marie Callender's? If so, what do you like to get?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reddddd Robin...Yum!!!

Have you guys seen the Red Robin Commercial? The burgers looks soo good on television and it's weird because there is no Red Robin that I know of in L.A. Kiko and I had to go to Torrance by South Bay Galleria just to get some Red Robbin. Kiko and I love our burgers so we had high hopes for this place.Red Robbin reminds me of Chillis or Fridays restaurant.It's casual dining and laid back.

They had a huge menu of all kinds of gourmet hamburgers, wraps, sandwiches and etc and the prices were from 6 to 12 bucks. You know I can never decide on what to order and I had to rely on pictures because I wanted to see if it looks good or not. Or to make my life easier, I just ask the server for his/her favorite so I can blame him/her if I don't like it lol jk ^_^

There were these group of guys next to our table who were really loud because they were drinking and all of them were trying to hit on their server lol. like...come on!!! We felt so bad for the girl.

So Kiko got their Sauteed Shroom Burger, "A mushroom lover's dream come true! Loaded with fresh, plump, sautéed mushrooms, a hint of garlic Parmesan butter and topped with melted Swiss for that extra Yumm". $9.79 (source: http://www.redrobin.com/menu/default.aspx?s=76)
It was good but not the best Mushroom burger he had ever tired. He pointed out how the portion was pretty small and compared it to Islands mushroom burger which was humongous and they're about the same price. In the end, he wasn't really happy O_o

I was debating whether to get their Blue Ribbon Burger or Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich because they looked really good in pictures lol. I let the server decide for me and she highly recommended the Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich so I got it. A perfectly grilled chicken breast with freshly prepared 
bruschetta salsa, pesto aioli, Provolone cheese, romaine lettuce and balsamic cream on rustic ciabatta bread. $10.49 (source: http://www.redrobin.com/menu/default.aspx?s=chx)

OMGah, it was the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. It's a strong statement but its true. The chicken was extremely soft and it kind'a melted in my mouth, I swear!  And flavors of pesto aioli, tomatoes and the balsamic cream (gosh, i love this!)  worked so well together and was a party in my mouth lol. I also liked the softness of the Ciabatta bread :) Oh man, it was good, oooohh soooo gooood!

Portion wise, I liked how my sandwich wasn't too big because I was able to finish it and felt good about myself lol. Kiko on the other hand kept on telling me that their burgers could have been bigger. I agree in a way because their prices were about the same as Island burgers. I know, we really love Islands that's why we couldn't help but compare the two.

I also like their steak fries.I usually prefer my skinny fries but these thick ones were really good too. It was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside :)

So...would I eat here again? Yes and I will get the same Bruschetta Chicken sandwhich lol. But Kiko said he won't eat here so I guess next time I have to take my friends Grace or Monica with me ^_^

Go to http://www.redrobin.com/default.aspx to find a Red Robbin near you :)


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