Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Donuts and Pupusas for breakfast???

Another super late post! But like what the title said, I had donuts and pupusas for breakfast at work. 2 of my co-workers brought the food for everyone to enjoy. It was the last day of summer school, and this was the teacher's way of thanking everyone for a great summer working and helping one another with the children. Heck yeah, we deserved this food since we worked so hard right?

 These regular size donuts are for the adults. I like any donuts but my favorite is the Bavarian cream filled donuts ^_^

This fun size mini donuts were for the kids after school ^_^

Ms. Claudia brought these awesomely delicious Pupusas. They are a popular El Salvadorian food. To me, they're kind of like stuffed fat Quesadillas. You take Masa (corn flour dough) and form it like a flat bread, then you  stuff it with all kinds of meats, beans or cheese or pretty much whatever you want.

She brought some beans and pork Pupusas, and omg these were bomb! I had one of each and gaaahhh it was the heaviest breakfast I've had in a while, but totally worth it. The beans were really creamy inside. I ate it with this cabbage and carrot relish and salsa on top.

My co-workers and I were stuffed, and it probably wasn't a good idea to eat so much before work because we all felt sleepy afterward lol. But it was good eats!

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CopyCat said...

the pupusas
looks like a very good brunch ;)
Donuts are cool... but not on my menu ;) hahahha


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