Sunday, September 19, 2010

8 years together + Korean BBQ and Pink Berry.

Wooohooo!!! Kiko and I turned 8 years together. Sooo crazy! Time really flies super fast. A lot of people were surprised when I announced on facebook that we turned 8 years. We've been through so much and I'm so proud of us that we lasted this long.

We decided to do a 2 part celebration. One day will be whatever I want to do and the other day will be whatever Kiko wants to do. So this post is my day and, I decided to take him to an "All You Can Eat Korean BBQ". Yeah, it's not a surprised because I'm so obsessed with it and Kiko never had it before. He wasn't too excited about the idea because he's kind of picky with food but then it's my day so we get to do whatever I want ^_^

He picked me up from work and we really didn't have enough time to change so I looked so tired and sweaty in some of the pics lol. We also exchanged gifts in the car which was super fun because I took a video of the whole thing and it was the funniest thing ever. I got him a massaging chair thinggy so he can use it after his long hours at work and he gave me the best card in the world with our pics in it and some moooolah for shopping hehe ^_^. The card was really funny. He had all kinds of pictures of me in it! Thanks Kiko!

We went to Tahoe Galbi Korean BBQ restaurant on Wilton and Wilshire. This will be my second time coming here. I like this place because its not too far from my house and, I think the meat is pretty good and, the idea of all you can eat is just making my mouth salivate.

Lots of condiments for dipping. I especially like the salt and the garlic puree. It's so good with the meat.

Ok, so I'm pretty disappointed with the service because they were being stinggy on the sides. They didn't give us rice paper and miso soup and other stuff. I had to ask for them. The last time I went here, the service was awesome and our table was filled with so much food. Other than that, I love still love it. I pick on sides while the meat cooks on the grill.

Yummy Kimchi! It's fermented cabbage with spices. Kiko thought it looked like a mini lasagna lol.

This is the Rice Paper. Last time they gave us steamed rice. I prefer these rice paper. They are thin and its like a little blanket for the meat . I eat this with the meat and salad.

Yes, this salad is really good. It's sweet and a little tangy and its the perfect compliment to the hot meat.

We got Beef Brisket, Beef Toungue and Marinated Beef. Kiko thought the Beef Brisket had too much fat and he didn't like it. The fat makes it super tasty silly Kiko!!! I, on the other hand, really liked it. I don't care about the fat. It's a celebration and we gotta eat good ^_^

*burp* I ate most of the sides and I finished all the meat. I kept asking Kiko if he liked. He just kept on laughing and said "I ate what was presented to him". Whatever dude!

After Korean BBQ, we went to The Grove to watch a movie. We love going there because it's not ghetto, its clean and the people are really chill. We had to go to Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt of course for dessert. I love Pink Berry. It makes me really happy!

Yum, this guy is fixing my small original/watermelon with mangoes, blueberries, mochis and water melon. I always get this!

The texture is so smooth, airy and light. It's so much better than ice cream.Actually, ice cream don't stand a chance!

Kiko always gets the medium chocolate and stuff. Kiko loves chocolate and I don't so this is ew for me jk!

So that was the first part of our celebration. We had Korean bbq, pink berry and a really good movie (Inception). It was perfect! My next post will be what we did on his day and he swears his day is better lol.

thank you all for stopping by!

The Grove L.A.
Tahoe Galbi
Pink Berry


DarlingV said...

Congrats on your 8 years together girl!!

My hubbs and I will be together 8 years in October.

Madz said...

Happy 8 years to you and Kiko! :)

Wow, the yogurt looks really full and overflowing. I'd like to try that one time.

Smarla said...

Congratulations! 8 years, wow! :)

Korean restaurants :) try Ye Dang (near Metro Walk) and Kogi Bulgogi in Eastwood. I love them :)

Leenda said...

Mmm..I love eating korean bbq! and You're right, ice cream doesn't stand a chance against frozen yogurt! Wow! Happy 8 years together!

MissCrisel said...

Hey congrats on your 8th year anniversary. I currently live in Korea (hubs stationed here) and I love Korean food. I actually wanted to start a food blog and came across your blog and you inspired me =) Thanks so much and looking forward to more of your post!! Take care Hun.

Oh, if you can...pls follow me ^_^

Pop Champagne said...

oh wow this korean place is really fancy looking! yumm korean side dishes are great. Congrats on 8 years btw, thats a longgg time!


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