Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shrimp Fried Rice with Mayo? It's Bomb!

I mentioned on my blog that my family and I moved, and the not so fun part about it is everyting: the moving, lifting heavy furniture and cleaning ugh! So, I called Kiko to help me because he's really good at it lol. He wasn't all excited about the idea, but he still came over to help ^_^. But before cleaning, we went to Korean Town Galleria (Olympic and Western) for a late lunch. I've been wanting to take Kiko here because they have really good food...Korean food at the food court.

It was Kiko's first time at a Korean mall/food court and he was pretty much should I say this..umm..excited and confused at the same time lol. He was like Ooohh look at that..look at this..what is that...what is this...LMAO. We pretty much relied photos of the food to decide on what to order lol.

I got a big plate of Shrimp Fried Rice with Mayo at Mannaria for $8. It was highly recommended by the owner and it looked delicious in the photo. It was really BOMB! It's fried sticky rice with broccoli, mushrooms, nemo eggs, shrimp with a drizzle of mayo. The mayo added a nice sweet creaminess to the fried rice. Sounds so wrong, but oh so good!

 It comes with a side of kimchi, pickled raddish (the yellow thing) I think and satueed hot dogs with veggies haha...

Kiko got a Bento plate of Sesame Chicken at Food Picnic Day for $11. It camewith rice, mix tempura, salad, kimchi and miso soup. Kiko enjoyed this a lot. The sesame chicken was actually really good by itself or with the sweet sauce. The batter was really light with a hint of crunch and the chicken was perfectly cooked.

Look at all the different colors. It's so beautiful.

We got boba drinks too. Green Tea and Mocha. They were $4.75 each. Over priced!

I crave the Shrimp Fried Rice with Mayo every time I see the photo. I want to eat it again some time soon lol.

3250 W. Olympic blvd. #400
Los Angeles, Ca 90006

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Terrible Service, but Awesome Shrimp Fried Rice.

On Friday, Monica, Momocito and I went to Hop Woo BBQ and Seafood restaurant. Monica took me here a long time ago. Click here to read about it. The service wasn't excellent, but the food was good enough to make me keep coming back lol. I liked their lunch specials for $4.25 with rice and soup included.

So we went around 11am to take advantage of their lunch specials. This time, the service sucked!!! It was annoying and it sucked! There were only 6 people eating in the restaurant including us right? Tell me why they forgot one of our orders, they forgot the boba in my drink, they never checked up on us, not even once and for some reason the servers couldn't hear us? I'm not kidding. We were so annoyed. But we kept it cool and asked to fix our order UGH!

Momocito was super silly. 

And that's Monica and her blue hair. Can you tell she loves GLEE?

To start off the meal, they gave us a small plate of peanuts and Chinese croutons to munch on. That's what they're called right? Momocito ate them all!

Included in the lunch specials: bowl of egg drop soup and steamed white rice. It was pretty big and good for four people. Monica didn't like the soup by itself. She said it was better mixed with rice.

We ordered Orange Chicken because it was a safe food Monica lol. You know what's in it. Chicken, breading and orange sauce. We had it last time and we really liked it. It was fragrant, crispy and tender.

Both Mon and I got the Mango Milk Tea. It was really good. It wasn't too sweet and was refreshing. Too bad they forgot to put boba in it. I asked twice and they still forgot O_o. Reeeaallly??

Yes, the best Shrimp Fried rice that made me forget about the bad service. It's a big plate and they were really generous with the Shrimp. I was happy!

The Shrimp in Lobster sauce that they forgot. It was good but we didn't really enjoy it because we were full by the time we got it on our table. The funny thing was, they didn't even apologized. They just placed it on our table O_o.

In spite of the bad service, I'll still come back. Not anytime soon though. I was pleased with the food, huge portions and we never pay more than $20! 

Hop Woo BBQ and Seafood restaurant.
845 N. Broadway
Los Angeles, Ca. 90012


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