Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8 years together Pt 2+ Italian Food and Pink Berry again!

Hey friends!  So this post is part 2 of our 8 yr 2gethaaa celebration. It's Kiko's day, and he swore it's gonna be better than my day lol. He took me to the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens near Pasadena Ca. It was both our first time, and I had no clue about the place. I thought it was just a library with a garden but OMG it was more than that. It had so many art galleries, collection of paintings, portraits and super old furnitures, and they have the biggest Botanical gardens I've ever seen. There was the Japanese, Cactus and Chinese gardens and other specialty gardens. It was just so beautiful and man, it's the perfect place to have a wedding hehe... I described it as the Disney Land for adults, except there's no rides and annoying long lines. We spent the whole 6 hours there and it wasn't enough. And could you believe we missed the library? The place is called the Huntington library and we missed the freakin' library??? Are you serious? ugh!

Anyway, we started our day with breakfast at a near by Jack in the Box. It's my second favorite fast food. It's also the most expensive fast food in my opinion, but its okay because I love their nasty tacos and their buttermilk. It was too early for their nasty dollar crispy and yummy tacos which I usually get, so I got their Pastrami grilled sandwich instead . It's fairly new in their menu. It has Pastrami, cheese, Pickle slices, mustard on bread. For fast food, this was pretty dang good, and it tasted like a legit Pastrami deli sandwich for real. I just wished it had more meat.

Here are just some of my fav pics. I have more to share but this is a food blog, so I'll keep the personal photos to a minimum ^_^
Kiko Inside the Children's Garden.

After a long day of walking, cuddling and making fun of each other, Kiko and I were exhausted. Although we didn't get to see the whole thing, we still had a lot of fun and for sure we are going back to see the rest of the place, right Kiko?

Afterwards, we decided to go to Old Town Pasadena for dinner which was nearby. We've never been there before, so it was pretty interesting to see. It had a little bit of Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive feel to it because all the stores and restaurants were next to the street. It was really nice, but we were too tired to walk around.

 We decided to eat at Louise's Trattoria which wasn't too far where we parked. It's an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles where supposedly everything is homemade, fresh and never frozen (our server told me ^_^). 

Kiko and I wanted a restaurant where we can just relax and eat good food. Louise's would have been the perfect place but we were seated next to 2 big families. They were very loud and quite obnoxious, and totally made my head hurt ugh! But I must say that the service was excellent and the food was good, so all in all it was still a good experience^_^

We started with a complimentary Louise's Famous Focaccia Bread. It came at our table hot and steamy. I believe it had garlic, rosemary and Parmesan cheese on top. The texture was a bit crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Ohhh sooo good!

It was even better dipped in Balsamic vinegar and Olive Oil. Soo yummy!

Kiko was really hungry, so he ordered a big plate of Fettucini with Shrimps and Scallops. Shrimps and Scallops sauteed in a Garlic cream sauce tossed in egg pasta with mushrooms and etc. Kiko liked it a lot. He really doesn't say much when he likes his food. As always he will just's aiiight! ^_^

I had their Chicken Piccata. I love anything limey or lemony so that's why I ordered it. It's sauteed chicken breast cooked in lemon, capers, butter, Chardonnay and Shallots. I love those tiny capers. It has that salty and sour bite that I like a lot. Also, it was served with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Veggies.

The restaurant offered us some decadent desserts by showcasing a big plate of slices of cakes, and it was surprisingly pretty difficult to resist. They looked so good, but we had out hearts set on PinkBerry! We had to end our day with PinkBerry because PinkBerry is the best! Sigh...I feel like getting some right now.

I envy those people who work at PinkBerry. They get to eat it for free for sure. The picture below is the coolest girl fixing Kiko's medium Chocolate with stuff lol. He gets the same thing every time.

As always, I get my small original with blueberries, mochis, mangoes and watermelon. It was smooth, creamy and light at the same time. It really made me happy!

Well I have to admit that Kiko's day was better than mine lol. I fell in love with the Huntington Library, and I want to go back again in Spring when all the flowers bloom. We were tired but happy, and it was definitely a day to remember.

Thank you guys for stopping by!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

8 years together + Korean BBQ and Pink Berry.

Wooohooo!!! Kiko and I turned 8 years together. Sooo crazy! Time really flies super fast. A lot of people were surprised when I announced on facebook that we turned 8 years. We've been through so much and I'm so proud of us that we lasted this long.

We decided to do a 2 part celebration. One day will be whatever I want to do and the other day will be whatever Kiko wants to do. So this post is my day and, I decided to take him to an "All You Can Eat Korean BBQ". Yeah, it's not a surprised because I'm so obsessed with it and Kiko never had it before. He wasn't too excited about the idea because he's kind of picky with food but then it's my day so we get to do whatever I want ^_^

He picked me up from work and we really didn't have enough time to change so I looked so tired and sweaty in some of the pics lol. We also exchanged gifts in the car which was super fun because I took a video of the whole thing and it was the funniest thing ever. I got him a massaging chair thinggy so he can use it after his long hours at work and he gave me the best card in the world with our pics in it and some moooolah for shopping hehe ^_^. The card was really funny. He had all kinds of pictures of me in it! Thanks Kiko!

We went to Tahoe Galbi Korean BBQ restaurant on Wilton and Wilshire. This will be my second time coming here. I like this place because its not too far from my house and, I think the meat is pretty good and, the idea of all you can eat is just making my mouth salivate.

Lots of condiments for dipping. I especially like the salt and the garlic puree. It's so good with the meat.

Ok, so I'm pretty disappointed with the service because they were being stinggy on the sides. They didn't give us rice paper and miso soup and other stuff. I had to ask for them. The last time I went here, the service was awesome and our table was filled with so much food. Other than that, I love still love it. I pick on sides while the meat cooks on the grill.

Yummy Kimchi! It's fermented cabbage with spices. Kiko thought it looked like a mini lasagna lol.

This is the Rice Paper. Last time they gave us steamed rice. I prefer these rice paper. They are thin and its like a little blanket for the meat . I eat this with the meat and salad.

Yes, this salad is really good. It's sweet and a little tangy and its the perfect compliment to the hot meat.

We got Beef Brisket, Beef Toungue and Marinated Beef. Kiko thought the Beef Brisket had too much fat and he didn't like it. The fat makes it super tasty silly Kiko!!! I, on the other hand, really liked it. I don't care about the fat. It's a celebration and we gotta eat good ^_^

*burp* I ate most of the sides and I finished all the meat. I kept asking Kiko if he liked. He just kept on laughing and said "I ate what was presented to him". Whatever dude!

After Korean BBQ, we went to The Grove to watch a movie. We love going there because it's not ghetto, its clean and the people are really chill. We had to go to Pink Berry Frozen Yogurt of course for dessert. I love Pink Berry. It makes me really happy!

Yum, this guy is fixing my small original/watermelon with mangoes, blueberries, mochis and water melon. I always get this!

The texture is so smooth, airy and light. It's so much better than ice cream.Actually, ice cream don't stand a chance!

Kiko always gets the medium chocolate and stuff. Kiko loves chocolate and I don't so this is ew for me jk!

So that was the first part of our celebration. We had Korean bbq, pink berry and a really good movie (Inception). It was perfect! My next post will be what we did on his day and he swears his day is better lol.

thank you all for stopping by!

The Grove L.A.
Tahoe Galbi
Pink Berry


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