Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Korean Burger whaaa?? (Kalbi Burger)

Don't get weird with the idea of a Korean Burger. If those Korean tacos are becoming more and more popular, then why not a Korean Burger. This is another old post by the way. I was supposed to put it this up a month and a half ago lol. Anyway, I found this place newly opened close to my work. It's called Kalbi Burger. The thought of a burger with Korean flavors excites me because I'm all about trying different things.

I went one day during my lunch break just to see what's good. The owner greeted me with a nice smile, and I guess I looked confused because he immediately talked to me and explained to me the menu even before I asked lol.They have a decent menu of all kinds of burgers and hotdogs to choose from. Their Seoul Hotdog caught my eye because the description says it has sauteed Kimchi on top lol. But I had to get a burger since the owner recommended it.

So what the heck is a  Kalbi Burger? Its a burger place that sells American burgers infused with Asian flavors/ingredients. So think of a Korean BBQ in a burger ^_^ Sounds good doesn't it? The owner also said that their meat is 100% Angus Beef, all natural with no hormones and non of that scary stuff that's bad for the body and never frozen, so that's definitely a plus.

I got their signature burger, the Kalbi Burger. I got it to go that's why the burger looks all squished. It's a buger mix of ground short rib and ground chuck in a french bread roll. It has American cheese, romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes, Korean Vinaigrette and Kalbi Aoili sauce.

My friend asked me if it tasted weird. To me, not all. I think the Asian/Korean flavor infused in the burger works really well together. It was a mix of savory at sweet and I can taste the sesame flavor right off the bat which I really loved. The taste is not something you would expect in a traditional burger (well that's kind of the point lol). I couldn't stop eating because the flavors are so interesting.

I told Grace (she's Korean) about this burger and she was grossed out with the idea because she absolutely hates Korean tacos. I think her palette and brain was confused because I was there when she had her first Korean Taco. It looked like a Mexican Taco because its in a tortilla so her brain was telling her " hey grace, this is Mexican taco" but when she took a bite, it tasted like Korean BBQ,  and she immediately felt weird as hell lol. It was the funniest thing ever. I had to finish it for her. I think it goes the same with this burger. But I think its delicious and I recommend it to everyone.

The photo below is taken from their website kalbiburger.com just to show you guys how pretty it looks.

If you're in the Los Angeles area, visit  Kalbi Burger to try some cool and interesting Hamburgers or visit their website to see their full menu. kalbiburger.com/

Kalbi Burger
4001 Wilshire Bldv. 
Unit E, Los Angeles Ca 

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bunee said...

looks delish !! i visited korea earlier this year and the mcdonalds, burger kings and popeyes, they all have bulgogi burger as one of their regular items on the menu !


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