Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend Carne Asada and Flan Cake ^_^

Kiko and I had plans to hangout and watch the movie The Inception on Saturday. But instead we went to his brother's improptu BBQ. Kiko got the phone call from his brother  when he was about to pick me up. So he asked me..."Baby kos, do you want BBQ or Leonardo Dicaprio?". Hmmm it was a tough question...NOT! Of course I chose BBQ! Leonardo is gonna have to wait.

There was no particular reason for the BBQ. I kept on calling it "Back to School BBQ" just because school is around the corner and Kiko's nieces and nephews were there. I guess Kiko's bro just wanted to hangout with everyone which was cool! By the way, he is great cook. He makes delicious Carne Asada and he makes the meanest salsa you'll ever taste in your life!

 We had Carne Asada which means Grilled Beef and commonly prepared in many Latino families. The beef is thinly sliced sometimes marinated or seasoned then cooked on the grill. It's usually eaten with corn or flour tortillas, with Mexican rice and beans. Also, they had Pollo Asada which means Grilled Chicken ^_^

He also grilled some green onions! You gotta have this.

We munched on Fritos and Doritos while we wait for the food to be cooked.

This is a cute Tortilla warmer. You gotta have this to keep your tortillas warm ^_^

Of course you gotta have tortillas. This is a staple. Vianney (Kiko's siter in law) heated both Corn and flour Tortillas. I like Corn tortillas better ^_^

Look at my beautiful plate. I had beans, salsa and grilled Green Onion to go with my Carne Asada. The meat was tender and cooked perfectly every time!

This is Jason's Salsa. It was hot, very peppery and garlic-y which I loved. I'm not sure what he put in it. I gotta ask him for the recipe. I poured it on my Carne Asada and I had it with the Fritos. It was very addicting.

Kiko and I brought dessert. I picked this delicious looking Flan Cake from Vons Supermarket. It has Kiwi, Strawberries and Mandarin Oranges on Top. I'm very bad because I had 2 slices of this. 

There was a thin layer of flan in the middle and it wasn't too sweet at all. Gosh, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner ^_^

Kiko picked this Chocolate Pie. He got weirded out when the whipped cream on top smelled like spoiled milk which it really did but it didn't taste spoiled at all. The whipped cream tasted like Mexican Cream. But then no one wanted to touch it after he pointed out the spoiled smell lol.

So that was my fun random BBQ or Carne Asada weekend. I hope you guys liked it ^_^

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside." -Mark Twain

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