Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sushi & Teri and Pink Berry

I have to catch up on my food post. I don't really care if people read my food blog or not. I just want to document all my eating adventures because it's fun.^_^ But thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who stop by once in a while to comment or say hello :)

So here is another time when I went to hang out with Kiko. We went to Little Tokyo/Japanese Plaza Village in Downtown L.A. to get our sushi cravings fixed at Sushi & Teri. There's tonz of sushi restaurants in Little Tokyo, but this is our first sushi spot as a couple, so we've been eating here ever since. It's  good and very affordable.

 photo taken from

 There was a couple who were sitting next to our table and we over heard most of their conversation. They were on their first date, and it seemed like the girl wasn't interested at all. The guy was trying too hard by saying weird things, and Kiko and I were like..uuhh huh?

I ordered the Caterpillar Roll because I love the creamy avocado on top and the sweet eel. I love how they did the presentation making it look like a caterpillar ^_^

 Kiko got one of their Bento Combination. Grilled Salmon and Steamed Rice with 4 California Rolls, 2 sushi, Tempura and salad. Kiko always gets the same thing, I swear lol. He likes it for sure ^_^

 After sushi, we went to my favorite frozen yogurt place in the world, Pink Berry!!! Theres one right across from the plaza. I seriously eat this a lot lol. I got a small Watermelon with Watermelon chunks, Blueberries, Mangoes and Mochis. Yum! Watermelon is their new flavor for the summer. I hope they keep it because its my favorite thing to get besides original. It was very refreshing and light, and I can honestly eat this everyday of my life ^_^

Kiko got the medium Chocolate with Chocolate crunch, Sun Flower seeds, Almonds and Strawberries. I don't really like chocolate, so I never get this but Kiko really enjoyed it ^_^

That's all folks ^_^


April said...

Ohh you look so pretty in the pictures! Have you tried the Kabuki chain? I love their sushi! :)

April said...

There is this one sushi place I think it's called The Hump? I've been there only once--it's in Santa Monica, the sushi is delicious!

b_ra said...

Hi Becky,
I just wanted to say that your food blog is awesome! I love how you're always open to trying all different kinds of food and I think you and Kiko are so cute together!

Donna said...

that caterpillar roll looks soooo yummy! :)

Anca said...

I love your food blog, it always leaves me drooling on my keyboard lol
The caterpillar looks amazing, bet it tasted amazing too!


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