Friday, July 30, 2010

Monica's First All You Can Eat Korean BBQ!!!

I've been planning this for weeks and finally we were able to go today. My friends Mon, Morris and I went to Tahoe Galbi Restaurant on Wilshire and Wilton (Los Angeles, Ca.) for an "All You Can Eat" Korean BBQ. It was recommended by a co-worker and it was only $9.99 during lunch so why not? It's Monica's first time and I was more excited for her. She's so picky with food that I wanted her to try different things. I told her we get to cook our own meat and we can eat as much as we can from pork belly, beef brisket to chicken. She didn't even know this type of restaurants existed. She told me she had a bad experience with Korean food so she was a little worried lol.

 I didn't eat anything the whole day and I was prepared for this meal. I didn't even paid attention to the decor of the place until I saw these pictures that I took. It looks pretty cool and it was really clean from what I remember lol. ( I know, I'm lame!) But I did notice these huge flat screen televisions that were mounted pretty much everywhere lol . I'm not sure why they had so many O_o

I didn't really read the menu. We were there for the lunch special All you can Eat for $9.99 ^_^

What I love about Korean restaurants is they give you a whole bunch of tiny plates that you can eat as appetizers or eat with your main meal. Its so much that it covers the whole table lol.

They gave leaf salad with sweet vinaigrette. These were so good. I'm not sure what's in it but I sure can eat this all day.

....potato salad

...sea weed salad which was gummy and yummy!

...kimchi (pickled cabbage), gotta have it!

...pickled zucchini ( i think). This was a little spicy but good.

...salt and dipping sauce. I'm not sure what type of salt it was but it was good with the meat. It was a bit salty and sweet at the same time. My friends and I were all over this.

..jalapenos and some type of garlic puree.  This was really good with the chicken.

...I forgot what this was but it tasted like steamed egg whites with a seafood taste. It's like a seafood gelatin lol.  But ofcourse I might be 100% wrong but I still ate it  and, I liked it. ^_^

...Korean Miso Soup. Mon didn't like this too much because of the onion-y taste. But I did! I love that onion-y taste ^_^

This was the Beef Brisket. The meat cooked in seconds because they were so thin.

We also had pork belly and chicken. We took turns in cooking the meat. I like fact that we can cook our own meat to our own liking. I like my meat to be a little toasted ^_^

They gave us this rice drink at the end. Oh man, this was delicious. It was cold and it tasted like rice water with a hint of sugar and ginger. It was the most refreshing thing. Mon said it tasted like Horchata, a Mexican Rice drink. But she doesn't know what she was talking about since she has a confused pallete lol.

Over all, we had a really great time. As you can tell, I didn't even know the names of the things we were eating but I ate them all and all that matters was I liked it, we got really stuffed and Monica was happy. She said it was good and she can see herself coming back to this place. Oh and Morris couldn't put out and he was the first one to quit eating ha!!! BOOO!

Tahoe Galbi restaurant
(213) 365-9000            
3986 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


calatheamartinez perfect said...

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thestartsteam said...

I love me some Korean bbq. I haven never been to an all you can eat place, but Chosun Galbee on Western and Olympic is the bomb! I also love that rice drink, yummy : )

Grace said...

Mmmmm dude i'm so hungry right now, it look sooooo delicious!! i luv the pics :P droooool

Eugenia said...

I didnt know you had a food blog! I just started one too! But anyways i LOVE LOVE korean bbq! Especially the several sides, my favs are the kimchi, bok choy kimchi, and white radish kimchi!


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