Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dodger Dogs and Dreyers' Dibs

Wow, last time I went to an L.A. Dodgers game was way back in high school during my senior year with the Pre Calculus class. Our teacher got us free tickets because everyone did well in the class. Geesh, I don't even remember how I passed that class lol. Anyway, Kiko, his nephew Junior and I went to the Dodgers game. It's Kiko's birthday treat for Junior since he just turned 10. It's their first time at a Dodgers game so it was something to remember.

I don't really know anything about baseball and, the only exposure I've had with baseball is playing it on Wii and that one time Kiko and I went to the batting cages ^_^, which was super fun because I was hitting every ball!. I'm glad we planned this day because it was really fun. The atmosphere was hyped and pumped and even though I didn't understand what's going on, I had fun eating Dodger Dogs and Dibs!! You know I only went for the hotdogs right?

Dodger Dogs were 5 bucks each! It felt right to get one of these and yeah they're over priced but it was good. I can't say anything special or bad about them I think its a pretty good hotdog especially when you haven't eaten anything the whole day O_o

I like my hotdog with lots of ketchup and mustard. YUM!

We also ate these Dreyers Dibs. Have you guys had one of these? They're bite sized ice cream coated in chocolate crunch. They're so good and addicting. You just pop em in your mouth!

You have to eat these fast or else they will melt

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sugarBear said...

ok, i know this is an old post, but i love hot dogs and i want a Dodger Dog! yummmmm


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