Sunday, May 30, 2010

WFD Guest: Lobster and Shrimp in Red Sauce.

What's For Dinner? Lobster and Shrimp in Red Sauce.
Guest: Monica Gomez

My bestfriend Mon sent me this photo. She's having it for dinner right now at her mom's friend's house as I write this post. OMG was my first reaction when I saw the photo. I wish I was with her eating this.

I asked her to describe it or at least tell me what's in the sauce. She said, " The lobster and shrimp were boiled in red sauce (tomato sauce). It taste like spicy chipotle with tomato sauce, green bell peppers and cilantro. The cook won't tell me the rest! " lol. So I guess its some type of secret recipe huh?  Oh well whatever is in it, it sure look reaallly good (with bread or white rice yum!) lol.

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