Monday, June 7, 2010

Placita Cafe. Torta de Carnitas.

Oh man, I don't even know where to begin lol. I loooove the Placita Cafe. This place brings back good times when my bestie Mon and I used to come here back in college (which was years ago blah!). We used to take the Metrolink train at the Union Station from UC Riverside to L.A. whenever we come home on random weekends to visit our families. And we always stopped by to get some of their Fresas con Crema (Straberries and Cream), Tortas (Mexican Sandwiches), Diablitos and Jugos (fresh fruit juices). They were so good and very cheap!

I went recently because I was around the area of  Olvera st. and Union Station. I got hungry and I was craving a really good torta and I suddenly remembered Placita Cafe. It was only a block away so I had to stop by. It only took me a 5 minute walk from Union Station to Placita Cafe.

This is what you see when you come in...bright walls of Orange and Green, very fun and inviting. It hasn't change at all. The place looked the same from how I remember it.

It's quite small and only few tables and chairs fit. I've never really sat down and eat. My friend and I always get our food to go and so as a lot of people that I've seen.

They are well known for their Licuados (traditional Latin Juices), but they also have really good Mexican food from 99cents tacos, tortas, ceviches to crazy looking fruit salads.

They have fresh fruits available to make their Licuados, Jugos and fruit salad.

They also serve homemade Horchata whoo hoo! I love Horchata (Cinammon Rice drink). I don't care how much calories it has. I can drink Horchata anytime of the day ^_^.  I'm not sure what the green drink in the back. I forgot to ask what it was, but I bet it's good too.

They also serve Ice cream . I'm not sure if these are Mexican or American flavors. I see cookies and cream in the corner!

Torta de Carnitas
I ordered their Torta de Carnitas with everything in it. It only cost me 5 bucks! I've had it before so it was a sure thing to get. I ordered it to go and my plan was to eat it home. Of course it didn't happen. If you know me, I'm really impatient. I was so hungry and couldn't wait any longer so I ate it on the subway on the way home lol.

I love how they packaged it. They cut the Torta in half and place it on a Styrofoam plate and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. It's very secure ^_^

The Torta with everything in it consist of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, queso fresco ( mexican cheese), mayo and your choice of meat. You can have Chicken, Carne Asada or Beef, Ham and Carnitas or Shredded Pork. I love my pork so I got the Carnitas.

OMG it was the bomb! It was the same delicious torta I used to have. The meat was juicy and tender, you get the crunch and cool taste from the lettuce and cucumbers, a little bit of spice from the jalapenos and a little bit of saltiness from the Queso Fresco. It was a party in my mouth!!!

On the other hand, the only thing I kind'a missed was the beans. It doesn't have beans. Other tortas I've had from other places have beans inisde. But I'm not complaining. It was still really good. You should have seen the guy's face who sat next to me on the subway as I devoured my Torta lol. I didn't care if he was staring O_o.

I highly recommend this place to everyone. If you are in town or you're looking for simple, fast and affordable Mexican food, you should give this place a try.

Placita Cafe

General Information

711 N Main St, LA, CA 90012
Neighborhood: Chinatown

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Thanks for making me hungry Becky! lol...that looks so yummmy!


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