Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lola's 87th Bithday. Koran BBQ and Pancit

Yes, I have a hardcore grandma. She just turned 87 this month of November and she's as strong as ever. People can never guess her real age because she looks younger and healthier than most old folks. She forgets a lot of things but physically she's still very strong and able. My family and I are truly blesses to still have her with us.

Last year, we went to Port O' Call in San Pedro, Ca to celebrate her birthday. We had their San Pedro style shrimp and potatoes, crabs and lobsters! This year, we decided to do a simple dinner at home. My aunt cooked her special Korean BBQ spare ribs and Pancit which is a Filipino noodle dish. We always have Pancit or some type of noodle dish at birthdays because our culture believes the noodles symbolized long life...and we want lola to live longer ^_^

We bought this super cute birthday cake at RALPHS. They seriously have the best cakes compare to other grocery store. Their icing is whipped so its very light and isn't too sweet. My family is not really cake people but we will eat cake if it's from Ralphs ^_^

My aunt's Pancit with beef, liver and veggies and what not. I don't mind the other weird and unknown stuff in it. It was delicious and best eaten right off the wok. My aunt used this super old and beat up wok that we have had for yeeaars! Everything we cook in it always comes out awesome, I swear!

My aunt also made this Korean BBQ spare ribs. She used a bottled Korean BBQ marinade and marinated the beef over night. Then she baked it in the oven in a low temperature so it can cook nice and slooow. It was so juicy, tender and kinda melted in your mouth..OMG! I really enjoyed it.

You can't truly enjoy a Korean BBQ without Kimchi so we had Grape leaves kimchi and the traditional Cabbage kimchi.The grape leaves was more spicier than the cabbage and it was bit bitter. It was interesting but I prefer the cabbage better!

It was a nice and simple dinner we all shared as a family. The food was really bomb and it pretty much ruined my diet or my so called "diet" that I can never stick to lol. It was funny because we had to remind my grandma that it was her birthday because she looked confused most of the time. She just nods her head and said "ok!" haha! Love her!

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Leenda said...

Aww your grandma is so cute. hahah She reminds me of my grandma.


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