Friday, February 1, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower...Choco Flan, Owl Cakes, Chicken Pinwheels and Etc...

Our surprise baby shower for my best friend Monica turned out successful. You should've seen the look on face when she entered the room lol. She said she had no idea. 

Planning was easy since I had help from our other good friends and her boyfriend. We had food, silly baby shower games and booze for the men. Yes, our baby showe had men, and the booze helped loosen them up to play games ^_^.

The food were all Monica friendly. No greasy and fattening food because she pukes it out, so crane asada, tacos and burgers were scratched off the list. 

Here's what we had instead...

 photo IMG_3533_zpsaa9eb1ba.jpg

My good friend Lupe to make her famous Chocoflan. Did I tell you she made 8 Chocoflan for my wedding? She's so awesome! She also made mini chocolate mint owl cakes because Mon loves owls. So cute, right?

 photo IMG_3373_zpsbfd2aae0.jpg

I made these super cute and yummy Mexican Chicken Pinwheels using DivasCanCook recipe. So tiny and cute. They were the perfect appetizer. It has cream cheese, shredded chicken, tomatoes and spices. They were all gone in no time.

 photo IMG_3372_zpseb1f7f17.jpg

I also made Mini Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches with Pan Dulce bread. They were like mini Thanksgiving on a sandwich! Very light and tasty. I was telling everyone how Mon and I used to eat the cheapest turkey meat sandwich with cream cheese and ketchup back in college because we were always broke. Good times!

 photo IMG_3377_zps19d9a33a.jpg

Lupe also made Jaiba Salad or crab ceviche salad with imitation crab meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, and lemon juice. So simple, light and refreshing. Best eaten with tostadas.

 photo IMG_3378_zps7b45c68a.jpg

Our friend, Vincent to brought a veggie platter. I love grocery store veggie platters. They have the best ranch dressing!

 photo IMG_3379_zpsae85edaf.jpg

 photo IMG_3380_zps8d78781a.jpg

Our friend Erika was in charge of the decorations. She did such a great job! Pink, green and brown balloons, table clothes and the cutest owl ceramic with lollies as centerpieces!

 photo IMG_3382_zpsaa316719.jpg

 photo IMG_3386_zps292ed5ce.jpg

 photo IMG_3406_zps7115e1f9.jpg


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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

That is amazing! Congrats to her and the food and everything looks fun!!!


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