Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wildflower Cafe. Our fav brunch spot!

If you're ever in the Redondo Beach area here in Cali, you must stop by Wildflower Cafe. It's our favorite breakfast/brunch spot. They serve fresh and homemade American breakfast and more. El Hubby and I ate here the other day and we had a pleasant experience as always. We sat on the patio and I noticed their umbrellas were bigger than before. Yay to more shade!

Here's what we had...

 photo CYMERA_20130812_002817_zpse88b0248.jpg

Wildflower Feta Burger. It's quite unusual for me to order a burger, but I wasn't in the mood for pancakes or any kind of breakfast food. The burger has spinach and feta cheese and tomatoes hand mix in the ground sirloin between an onion bun. So many different flavors in a burger. My fav was the small bits of salty feta cheese in every bite. Delish. Oh, and that onion burger made my breath staaank, but it was sooo worth it.

 photo CYMERA_20130812_002918_zpsdb6780a4.jpg

El Hubby Cakes had the Smoked Salmon Benedict. I had 2 bites, and I wanted to trade half of my burger for one! Love the generous portion of the smoke salmon. Delish!

 photo CYMERA_20130812_002732_zps2246b0b7.jpg

El Hubby Cake's favorite mocha.

 photo CYMERA_20130812_003015_zps94551045.jpg
We went to Pinkberry for dessert and I got a parfait. LOVE.

(photos are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and edited with Cymera app)

Click HERE and HERE to see more food from Wildflower Cafe.

600 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
Neighborhood: Redondo Beach
            (310) 406-3808     

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Sharlynn said...

Oh wow! That burger look soo damn good! I'd totally need to share that though! And the parfait must have been so refreshing!


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