Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homemade Fresh Pupusas at a Kid's Birthday Party?

Oh yeah! I just had the most delicious, authentic homemade Pupusas at a friend daughter's birthday party. They had other food but this was the highlight for me lol.

Pupusas if you don't know, are traditional El Salvadorian dish made of thick and fat corn tortilla stuffed with cheese or any kind of meat. It's served with homemade cabbage slaw with salsa.

 photo IMG_8490_zpsfe7d4582.jpg

 photo IMG_20130728_205741_zps47db0c09.jpg

These are the hands of my friend's god mother who is said to be the one who makes the best pupusas in their family. The pupusas were stuffed with chicharrones (porn rinds) and cheese. OMGaah!

 photo IMG_8273_zps689cacbf.jpg

In the beginning of the party, they served Chicken with green sauce and beef with red sauce. I'm sure there were names for these dishes, I'm just not sure what they were. Both were very tasty and delicious. I like the beef with red sauce the most.

 photo IMG_8302_zpsd1f74f9b.jpg

The theme of the birthday party was Giraffe and Safari so there were Giraffe balloons and decorations. Look at this super cute birthday cake. My friend got it form Maggie's Pastry in North Hollywood. I have to stop by there some time. Their cake is really moist and icing wasn't overly sweet.

 photo IMG_8407_zps39e63101.jpg

My friend also had cupcakes with yellow and brown icing just in case the cake wasn't enough for the guest. The brown cupcake kinda looks like poo, huh? Very yummy poo.

 photo IMG_8428_zps0e70ce6c.jpg

 photo IMG_8429_zps2346cd83.jpg

 photo IMG_8449_zpsfe6cde3a.jpg

They also had Snow cones with bubble gum and watermelon flavor.

 photo IMG_8231_zps7bce5f7c.jpg

 photo IMG_8235_zps51b114e7.jpg

...with my friend, Grace.

 photo IMG_8218_zps0bb0f7df.jpg

Each table had chips and salsa.

 photo IMG_8244_zpsb1628a7c.jpg

Jumper!!! An oversized jumper with slide. OMGaaahh!!!

 photo IMG_20130728_175131_zps165ced23.jpg

Face Painting for everyone

 photo IMG_8223_zps0198fa0c.jpg

 photo IMG_8281_zpsa2cbb525.jpg

El hubby panited LA on grace's face and Hello Kitty on mine.

 photo IMG_8296_zps6ddee32e.jpg

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