Monday, June 21, 2010

Mom's Ginger and Tumeric Chicken.

At least once a week, my mom would come up with a random dish that she totally made up in the kitchen. She uses whatever is sitting in the pantry or fridge and next thing I know she has created a bomb a** dish for lunch lol.  Her Ginger and Tumeric Chicken is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. 

For some reason we had a bunch of ginger root and some left over tumeric so she put them into good use. I have no idea what tumeric is. I just learned about it as I wrote this post and did a little googleing. I'm more familiar with Ginger. My mom used to make ginger tea "Salabat" when I was a little kid because it supposedly helps with making your voice sound pretty lol.  Also, I like to use Ginger when I cook...well I used to cook lol. It adds a hint of sweetness and distinct spice to any dish that only ginger can give. 


I'm not too familiar with Tumeric (photo below) . I never even noticed my mom use it sometimes in her cooking. I have probably seen it being used on the food network but that's all I know. As you can see it the photo it looks like the sister of Ginger. They look alike but the flesh is bright orange instead of yellow. After doing a little research Tumeric is the main ingredient in curry powder and is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. It adds color as well as flavor in sauces, condiments and etc.

So this is what my mom did. She marinated the chicken wings in vegetable oil, a little vinegar, chopped ginger and tumeric and salt for an hour or you can also let it sit over night. The chicken will turn a little yellow or orange and the flavor would penetrate the chicken even more. 

She grilled it on an iron grill pan until it was thoroughly cooked. 

Can you smell it?

She also made Garlic Fried Rice to go with the grilled chicken. I love garlic fried rice. My mom used fresh chopped garlic as well as dried garlic flakes...yum! The more garlic, the better!

Voila!!!! It's done. So is it good as it looks? Heck yeah! I really liked it. It was a bit tangy and it has a mustard-y taste to it and goes really nice with the garlic fried rice. (Well everything goes well in garlic fried rice) It was a successful dish and my mom said she will definitely make it again ^_^

Thanks for reading my blog.


April said...

Oh my gosh! That looks delish! I cook with tumeric on chicken--usually for slow cooker meals for Justin. Oh man and the garlic fried rice is simply the best!!! I love to eat the garlic fried rice with eggs for breakfast. It was funny when Justin and I first started living together, he was like "you eat rice for breakfast?" LOL yaaah! Heheh! Sometimes I make breakfast food for dinner! Does your mom make the eggplant with eggs? That's my fav with the garlic rice! Hehe!

Leenda said...

That looks absolutely delicious!

thestartsteam said...

Yummy, looks so good! I love me some chicken! lol Tumeric is such a cool spice, it turns everything it touches yellow, it's so cool, lol. One day I was talking to one of my best friends and I was telling her how badly my soar throat was hurting. So, the next day she brought me a homemade remedy made of tumeric and honey. It didn't taste all that great, but it did cure my sore throat! Crazy, huh?!

sugarBear said...

yummy! can you share the recipe to the Ginger and Tumeric chicken? thanks a bunch!


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