Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pastelitos in the streets of L.A.

The part of Los Angeles where I am from has a lot of street vendors. They are pretty much seen almost everywhere usually in the corner of the block or in front of schools and businesses. I caught this lady who sells  tamales and pan dulces not too far from my house. I saw her big container of empanada/pan dulce  and I craved it right away. I used to eat these when I first started working almost everyday because a lady was selling it in front of the school I was working at.

I don't know the origin of this bread. I still gotta do my research on it. My friend said I can't call it Mexican bread because other countries in Latin America has their own version of it. The empanada/pandulce are filled with either some type of cream or pineapple preserve. They are a bit crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and they are very sweet. The best part is the price. They were being sold for 3 for a dollar ^_^

I know she doesn't have a grade A sign posted on her cart. Don't ask me if its clean or not. I'm taking a risk whenever I buy street food. I am not embarrassed to say that I have been buying food from street vendors for a long time now and I haven't gotten sick ( I hope I don't jinx it lol). Actually, the best tamales and bread I've had are actually from the streets and I'll leave it like that ^_^.

So I bought 3 for a dollar!

I got the one with cream inside ^_^ Sooooo good! I can eat so much of these.

Thanks for stopping by!!!


thestartsteam said...

Kobe, have you ever eaten an empanada? lol I used to always buy some on my way to school. I haven't had one in while. Think I'll go to my favorite panaderia today and pick up some pan dulce. hehe : ) It looks like you're on Wilshire...and Vermont?

sugarBear said...

Wow! that looks good, i want one, sadly...i don't see street vendors in San Diego that often, but if i ever visit LA and i see this, i'm going to try it! i love pastries...


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