Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WFD Guest: Spanish Pork chops from Louisiana

Whats for Dinner in Louisiana? Spanish Pork chops
Guest post: Jean Elizabeth Ortiz Ballard

Wooohooo yay for another guest post on Whats for Dinner. This time its from my good friend Jean from Louisiana. She's one hot wifey who knows how to cook. Seriously, this woman gets down in the kitchen and she can pretty much cook anything from Filipino to Americana and all kinds of food. Her husband Jeremy is one lucky man. ^_^

She decided to cook Spanish Pork chops tonight bc she already took the pork chops out of the fridge before her and her hubby went to work. Her hubby was craving fried pork chops but she doesn't really like fried food, so she thought of this spanish pork chop dish that is really easy to cook and not too messy to work with.

 She used Tony Cachere's creole seasoning and fresh ground black pepper for the seasoning and Rotel's tomatoes and diced chillis in mild, chopped onions and tomato sauce for the sauce. She seared the pork chops on a hit skillet until it turned golden brown, then placed it in a baking pan along with tomato sauce, rice, onions, chillis, then cooked it in the oven in 350 degrees for an hour.

Look at it, its beautiful!!! She said its best paired with an ice cold Corona ^_^. Thank you so much jean for these photos. They look so yummy and I wish we were neighbors, so I can come over and eat your food!

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jean1010 said...

LOL Beck I would love to have a neighbor that I can share some of weird (from jeremy's point of view) foods. And thanks for posting this for me :)

Love yah!


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