Monday, April 12, 2010

WFD: Never Again!!!

What's For Dinner? Over Cooked Baked Salmon. Never Again!!

Whew...that was a long title. Like what I said, never again! Never again I will buy food from that one place. Should I even mention the name of the place? Ugh! I'm embarassed to say that its from a Filipino food joint. This is what I get for being lazy to cook. My mom had to work late tonight so she left the cooking up to me. My lazy butt walked to the near by Filipino food joint to buy Ulam to go. I knew that place wasn't good but I still went ugh! Never Again!

I love anything with mayonnaise and I got excited when I saw baked Salmon and Mayo. Sounds gross? Not to me. These are supposed to be delicious creamy goodness especially when Calamansi is squeezed on top of it. It's been a long time since I had one of these so I had buy it.

OMG the fish was over cooked. It was really tough and I couldn't even poke my fork through it. Sigh!!! Bad, bad bad food!!! I only took 2 bites and I threw it away. The only good thing about this dish is the rice next to it. I make really good steamed rice you know lol. Like what I said, never again!!!

Oh and before I forget, the place is called Neri's Filipino Food O_o Neri your food is not so good! O_o

Calamansi:  (Philippine Lemon) with scientific citrus microcarpa Bunge, is the most popular and commonly used citrus fruit in the country. The fruit is oval about 2 cm. to 4.5 cm diameter and greenish-yellow in color. It is similar in appearance to a small round lime and taste like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.(source:

Ulam: Its just another way Filipinos say food. Ulam is always paired with white rice.(source: Becky's head ^_^)

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jean1010 said...

Awww poor thing. That's why sometimes even if I am sooo tired I still make our food..

libbeh ♥ said...

Baked salmon & mayo is gooooooooooooooood! I love it, even if it's super bad & high in sat. fat & cholesterol from the mayo, hehe :)


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