Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I'm feeling fluffy...

Fluffy meaning fat! I've been eating so much fattening food lately and one thing that supresses my feeling of guilt is Starbucks. I know they're well known for their coffee but I don't buy their coffe or other frothy specialized drinks. Instead, I always get their Iced Green tea with 3 pumps of Vanilla syrup. My friend from college Isabel introduced me to this drink and I was hooked. They used to have melon syrup but since they discontinued it, I have to opt for another one and Vanilla is good enough for my taste.

 A tall Iced Green tea with 3 pumps of vanilla syrup

 I also got their Low fat Red Raspberry Coffee cake for the first time. A moist, lowfat muffin with raspberries and lemon, dusted with sweet, buttery streusel (starbucks) It only has 340 calories. I sure don't feel bad eating this ^_^

The buttery streusel is my favorite part ^_^

Happy Monday!!!

1 comment:

Leenda said...

Mmm...that coffee cake sure does look good!


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