Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Ice Cream at Ralphs!!!

I just realized that there is no KFC around where I live at. That sucks!!! I've been wanting to try their new Double Down sandwhich. I spend a good while looking around for a KFC nearby. Fail!!! Instead I ended up at my local Ralphs to see what's good. Right now they're having 5 for 10 bucks on Marie Callender's and Healthy Choice frozen dinner with free ice cream from Deluxe. I picked up 5 Healthy Choice frozen dinner since I've never had them before. I'll do another post on how I like them but I'm pretty stoked with the free ice cream ^_^

5 for $10 Healthy Choice frozen dinner. I like to lie to myself and say that these are really healthy for me ha!

...then get one Free Deluxe Ice Cream of your choice. I got Birthday Bash. OMG this taste like cake ^_^

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