Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WFD: Sorry its not for Vegetarians...

What's for Dinner?  Sauteed Bean Sprouts, Ground Chicken and Tofu. (Ginisang Toge na may Giniling na Manok at Tokwa)

It looks like a Vegetarian dish at first glance, but this is bean sprouts and tofu. If you look closely there is also ground chicken in it. It was so good. My mom cooked it and she made it super quick, it was on the table in no time.

This dish is random so I can't say if it is Filipino, Chinese or whatever. My mom used few ingredients she had in the fridge. She sauteed ground chicken in canola oil with lots of garlic for flavor, she threw in the bean sprouts and let it cook until it was soft, and lastly, tofu was added.

 It's random but good. The bean sprouts was still a bit crunchy and it has a slight bitterness to it which I like. It is best served with steamed white rice or simply by itself. YUMMY!

Bean Sprouts: edible seedlings of certain bean plant, especially those of a mung bean. (source: yahoo education)


princy said...

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Jilly said...

Well, at first glance. It looks like a Vegetarian dish. It is full of bean sprouts and Tofu. I sure it is includes ground chicken in it. And full of butter.
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