Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday Potluck at Work

We had another potluck at work to celebrate one of my co worker's birthday. Just like the Holiday potluck, each of us brought food to share with everyone. Of course, I had to make my famous and fatty spinach dip requested by everyone.

My first plate had everything: fried chicken, rice, greens, mac and cheese, pan dulce, spinach dip and the most delicious broccoli salad.

Went for a second round...just because I'm a fatty.

Fried Chicken from Albertsons

The OMG Cranberry and Broccoli Salad. It has broccoli, cranberries, walnuts, raisin, sun flower seeds and etc. I was so happy I got to eat this again. So delicious.

My huge batch of Spinach Dip


DarlingV said...

ohhhhhhh my gooooshhhhhhh
*faints in drool*


Dye-A-Graham said...

You have to ask your friend for the recipe for her broccoli looks like there was a special dressing being poured on top! BTW..I want to work where you work just to celebrate birthdays..hahaha


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