Monday, June 28, 2010

He gets a Turkey Burger, I get a Real Burger

Love is when your partner, other half, syota, boyfriend or whatever you call it lets you eat whatever you want. I've mentioned in my previous post that Kiko has been into eating healthy and I'm not lol. He shares his new passion with me without forcing it on me ^_^. Now, whenever we eat out, he gets a less fattening entree while I don't (another lol). Eating at Islands last week was a great example of what I'm talking about.

Once in a while we crave a really good burger and Islands always comes into mind. It's always been our favorite spot to get really good burgers. Islands is a restaurant that serves great fresh hamburgers (hand formed patties) and specialty drinks in a Hawaiian tropical theme with the surf/beach photos everywhere, tropical plants and stuff like that. It's pretty cool if you ask me.

We haven't been here in a long time and I noticed they changed their menu. I think they added more specialty burgers and now they offer turkey and veggie burger to substitute beef. I'm glad they thought of the non-beef and meat eating people out there ^_^

Everything in the menu looked fattening and high in calories. Kiko did his best in trying to order a less fattening burger. He got the HULA (photo below) turkey burger on wheat bread. It has sauteed mushrooms, lettuce, Swiss cheese, tomatoes and mayo It actually has 920 calories (islands nutritional facts).  I know its a lot but it's nothing compare to what I got.

I got their KILAUEA (photo below) on white bun. It'a beef patty encrusted in black pepper with pepper jack cheese, chipotle aioli, tomato, lettuce and onion strings with fries and blue cheese dressing on the side. I didn't care about the fat and calories content. It has a whopping 1560 calories not including fries and blue cheese dressing was 540 calories. It's more than a whole day's worth of calories OMG. But I seriously didn't care. I was there to enjoy myself and its not like I eat Islands burgers everyday (I wish!). 

Kilauea is my favorite thing to get because I love it's strong peppery taste and the chipotle aioli compliments it very well. I like to eat it with blue cheese dressing. Kiko thinks its weird but its soooo good. It's like making the Kilauea into a Blue Cheese burger ^_^.  I also can't get enough of their fries. They are seriously addicting. I finished all my fries and got some more from Kiko. Also, I noticedthat their burgers got bigger. Maybe its just me but I got pretty full by eating half. Wow, that's never happened before!

I always enjoy seeing the layers of meat, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in a burger. It's so beautiful isn't it?

and yeah my blue cheese dressing which I had with my burger and fries. Kiko was shocked when I finished 2 of them.

Kiko watched in amazement as I devoured my burger, fries and blue cheese dressing lol. Once I was done, he asked, "Are you good boss?" and I replied, "ugghh! jesss I feel happy!" and we both smiled at each other. I dunno about you but that's love. Love is seeing your partner, other half, syota, bf, gf or whatever you call it very full and satisfied lol.

Go to to find an Island restaurant near you and also look at their menu and nutritional content.

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