Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He had me at Jumper!!!

I may be bias with what I'm about to say because Kiko is Mexican and most of my friends are Mexican/Latinos but Mexican parties are seriously the best!!! I love getting invited to my friend's parties because they always have awesome food, good music, dancing and funny drunk old people.

My friend Eduardo invited me and my friend Grace to his twin sister's graduation party on June 12, 2010. (I know, its super late). He texted me a week before and he said there was going to be Birria, Mole, Carne Asada, Mariachis and Jumper. OMG, he had me at Jumper. I mean, for sure I'm going because he's my friend and I heard Birria, Carne Asada and Mariachis lol but he seriously had me at Jumper. OMG a jumper!!! I've only been in a Jumper once and I've been saying I want to rent one for all my birthdays that passed lol. 

Eduardo's family really went all out for his twin sister's grad party. Shoots, I can't blame the parents since the girls graduated from UC Berkley.  This big party was organized by his family and relatives. It's funny how everyone in the party was somehow related to each other and it's very cool that almost all of them had something to do with the cooking. He said it happens all the time whenever they have huge parties, where each family/relative is in charge of cooking something. It's their tradition.

The photo above is my first plate. I'm not new to Mexican food. Some of  Eduardo's auntie's were laughing when I knew all the names of the food they had. I'm Asian but I know my Mecican food lol. I got the Birria, a spicy goat stew, Carne Asada, Mexican rice and beans, Guacamole, Pasta salad and Nopales salad (cactus salad) with lots of Corn Tortillas.

This is my second time having Birria and its soo delicious. It was spicy and savory. I knew it was goat's meat but it tasted like beef to me. If you didn't know it was goat, you probably wouldn't tell the difference. Mon did because she's picky like that lol. The Carne Asada was the bomb. The meat was so soft and tender It must be the expensive kind lol. I also like the Nopales salad which is a bit slippery and sour. I only get to eat Nopales at my friend's house when their mom makes it because I don't know where else to get them.

There were also unlimited Guacamole and Salsa set up at every table for guest to enjoy. It's like being in a restaurant but its free lol!

 Oh and I can't forget the big pot of mole sauce made by one of Eduardo's relatives. The sauce was to pour on top of the chicken. If you've never had mole before then you're missing out. It's a very popular sauce used in Mexican cuisine made from so may different ingredients, all kind of spices, peppers and what not and there's so may variations of it (just google it).  The sauce was a bit sweet, I could taste the hint of chocolate and it had a mild peppery taste, which I loved.

For dessert, they had the most delicious sponge cake I've ever tasted in my life. I'm not even kidding! It had layers of puff pastry, whipped cream, sponge cake, strawberries, peaches and kiwi.  Eduardo's sister said they had to order it all the way from Norwalk (they're from Inglewood)  because they had it at their friend's party and they loved it so much, they wanted one for their party. Grace and I ate so much of it, it made our tummy hurt the rest of the night. We were soooo full.

There was an amazing Mariachi band that played music all night long from 8 to 11:30pm. They went from table to table and the adult's danced to their songs in the back. Gosh, I love Mariachis. They are so much fun! I wish I can sing to all the songs they played. Heck, I should learn them lol. I told Kiko I want a Mariachi for our wedding, period!!!

Watch the video below to hear them sing!!!

The Castle Jumper. It got a little dangerous jumping with all those kids inside but it was super fun! Once we started jumping, my friends and I couldn't stop laughing. My chest was hurting and I was trying to catch my breath, but I still kept on laughing and jumping up and down like a little kid. It was the best feeling ever. Its been a long time since I laughed that hard.

Look, we made it collapse several times...it was scary trying to get out and we still couldn't stop laughing. We went back 2 more times after they put more air and got it back up! By the way, these kids were in there most of the time. They had so much energy geeesh!

Good times!!!

Everything was so much fun at this Grad party. I posted all the photos in my facebook and named the album, Best Grad Party Ever!!! because it really was.  There were good food that almost exploded our bellies, an awesome Mariachi band that sang through out the night, good friends to laugh with and a super fun jumper experience that I will never forget!!! Thank you Eduardo for inviting us and congratulations to your UC Berkley sisters!!

Watch the video to get see what the party was like ^_^


Leenda said...

That looks like tons of fun! I love moonwalks! hahah Seriously, those kids will wear you out.

DarlingV said...

Leenda is RIGHT that looks loads of fun! That plate looks delish, and that cake!

April said...

BECKY you are tooo cute with the jumper! You look like you had soo much fun! Oh man the food you eat looks soo yummy! For dinner I surprised Justin with taco night. I made chicken tacos and sangria--hehehe! :) Then we played Scrabble and Justin kicked my butt by 56 points.


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