Thursday, June 26, 2014

Las Vegas Pig Out Pt. 2

Second Pig Out stop in Las Vegas is The Wicked Spoon.  We went on a Sunday Brunch. Top 3 best buffet in my book. We always make sure we come here. Wicked Spoon offers a more unique and creative food served in small plates and little pots like tapas.

 photo IMG_1257_zpsaa17dbc8.jpg

A coil of pork sausage, thick cut house-made bacon and pork loin.

 photo IMG_1248_zps7f2df37d.jpg

Roasted Thai chicken, bone marrow and...I forgot the meat on the far right was called. It's some kind of beef.

 photo IMG_1256_zps70732893.jpg

 photo IMG_1261_zpse5aae474.jpg

Hoisin Pork Belly and Chicken Teriyaki

 photo IMG_1262_zpsd7062209.jpg

Duck Wings with chimichurri sauce and rice. Soooo good!

 photo IMG_1265_zps6626315b.jpg

They had a good selection of vegetarian dishes like this beautiful Kung Pao Cauliflower.

 photo IMG_1258_zps187e8785.jpg

Squid Ink spaghetti

 photo IMG_1259_zps7f39f411.jpg

Pea Risotoo with blistered tomatoes

 photo IMG_1260_zps560fd0cb.jpg

Roasted Pear with Polenta

 photo IMG_1267_zps260ed90f.jpg

 photo IMG_1268_zpsccbff724.jpg

 photo IMG_1253_zps38d2f9ac.jpg

Plate #1: Shrimp cocktail, garlic mussels, salmon mouse cone and siracha infused watermelon.

 photo IMG_1250_zpsf03340d3.jpg

Plate #2 : Beet salad, Artichoke and Tomato salad, Kale salad, Quinoa salad, Smoked salmon ob white bread with cream cheese and I had to get another salmon mouse cone ^_^.

 photo IMG_1249_zps663c010a.jpg

Here's one of El Hubby Cakes' plate. He always gets Egg Benedict and pancakes. Carbs lol.

 photo IMG_1264_zpsd0ad9cf7.jpg

Plate #3 : Housemade thick cut bacon, bone marrow with chimichurri, hoisin pork belly and duck wings.

 photo IMG_1272_zps141f164b.jpg

Plate #4 : Dessert!!! Almost to pretty to eat. Almost.

 photo IMG_1273_zpsa5c90c96.jpg photo IMG_1275_zpsbd127fd1.jpg

 photo 20140323_133425_zps437ad74c.jpg

Just in case you're wondering, I do finish all my food. I don't like wasting food, so I only get what I know I can finish.

For late dinner, we went to Avenue 24. A nice cafe located inside the MGM hotel. El Hubby had their mushroom swiss burger while I had the Thai chicken salad. His food was better than mine.

 photo IMG_1186_zps1e15fca3.jpg

Mushroom Swiss Burger.

 photo IMG_1192_zps90ba5512.jpg

 photo IMG_1191_zpsa0b4324a.jpg

Thai Chicken Salad. I didn't like it. Greens were overdressed and noddles were too soggy.

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