Saturday, May 31, 2014

Last Vegas Pig Out Part 1

El Hubby Cakes and I committed serious gluttony in Las Vegas. No parties or gambling for us. We pig out! We only get to do it once a year so we always make the most of it. Bacchanal Buffet was our first pig out stop. It's my absolute all time favorite buffet in Vegas. We went on a Friday lunch. I noticed there were less meats and seafood option, but everything we had was delicious nonetheless.

I like to eat by my own category. I'm weird, I know.

1. cold seafood/sushi
2. salads, cheeses and cold cuts
3. hot seafood
4. hot meats
5. desserts

I try to avoid carbs and starch so I won't get full too quick. I drink hot green tea to help settle my stomach, which allows me to eat more. It works for me!

 photo IMG_0965_zps55cade02.jpg
Plate #1 is cold seafood and soup. Cold shrimp cocktail, mussels, tomato and carrot soup and ceviche. Their shrimp cocktail is my absolute favorite!

 photo IMG_0975_zps7049111d.jpg
Plate #2 is cold cuts, cheese and a pretty glass of veggies. So yummy!

 photo IMG_0978_zpsbed0101b.jpg
Plate #3 is hot seafood. Clams in a curry broth, garlic mussles, baked cod with miso, shrimp and grits and crawfish.

 photo IMG_0979_zpsc07ae871.jpg
Plate #4 is meats and some sides. Pork ribs, tri tip with a little fat, Parmesan Brussels sprouts, cauliflower pop corn and a small steamed bun.

I had quite a lot of dessert for plate #5. My favorite are the Filipino inspired dessert.

 photo IMG_0998_zps50830311.jpg
Coconut Pandan Macaron

 photo IMG_0996_zpse03afa95.jpg
 Kalamansi Cheesecake 

Kalamnsi is a citrus fruit from the Philippines. It's similar to lime.

 photo IMG_0994_zps5664a38b.jpg

More dessert...

 photo IMG_0993_zps56ca72a6.jpg

 photo IMG_0972_zps52b3438e.jpg
They gave me my own pot of hot water for my green tea. Helps settle my stomach.

More food at the restaurant

 photo IMG_0973_zps3d2a4ddc.jpg

 photo IMG_0974_zps9499082b.jpg

 photo IMG_0983_zps39930f3d.jpg photo IMG_0982_zpsfed529df.jpg

 photo IMG_0992_zps117fe457.jpg

 photo IMG_0991_zps47de247c.jpg

 photo IMG_0989_zps52c5f306.jpg

 photo IMG_0987_zps1ecc64d6.jpg

 photo IMG_0986_zps44b1b96d.jpg

 photo IMG_0964_zpsfb2a57c0.jpg

 photo IMG_0985_zps1a47c696.jpg

Second stop was at the Original Chicken Tender. Located at the food court inside the Luxor hotel. Came here late at night after hours and hours of ballin' out at the kid's arcades and walking on the strip lol.

 photo IMG_1079_zpsec60916c.jpg

 photo IMG_1072_zps70507ae0.jpg

I got the 3 piece chicken tenders with a side of french fries for $10. Yeah, it's pretty steep for chicken, but gawd dang, it's one of the best chicken tenders I've ever had. I wrote a review on Yelp raving about this place. Nice crispy coating and tender meat on the inside. And the french fries were awesome too.

 photo IMG_1078_zpsd445be62.jpg

Just happy to get my food ^_^.

 photo IMG_1077_zps473a1095.jpg

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Sharlynn Ng said...

Omg...yum yum! I haven't hit a buffet in so long but that all looks great! I will take your tips about avoiding carbs so I can load up on other things!


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