Saturday, May 26, 2012

Frozen Food for Dinner Kind of Night...

On nights when I don't feel like slaving in the kitchen, I turn to frozen food. I turn on the oven and bake whatever frozen food we have in the freezer. I do buy frozen food for nights like these. I know they lack in nutrition, but I'm not going for a healthy dinner here, just a really tasty one.

Baked Kroger Breaded Shrimp with left over fried rice. I used up a whole bag because eats them like pop corn. They came out crispy and pretty tasty from the oven.

Waterfront Bistro Crab Rangoons. I haven't had these in awhile. They are mini appetizers with crab meat and cream cheese filling. They were pretty tasty too and came out from the oven crispy. Yum!

3 Cheese Pizza. Dang it, I forgot the brand. I bough it at Vons because it was on sale. We rarely eat pizza, but this was pretty good and had a hint of sweetness. It's a thin crust pizza with 3 kinds of cheeses and I added dots of minced garlic to add more flavor. 

What's your favorite frozen food?

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