Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Breakfast For Dinner: Longganisa with Eggs and Rice

We love breakfast anytime of the day! I made pretty plate of Filipino breakfast for dinner last week. This is what we typically eat for breakfast back in the Philippines: Longganisa (a Filipino sausage) fried eggs and rice (or garlic fried rice). It's pretty easy to make and super tasty too. You can buy the longganisa at your local Filipino market of specialty food stores.

The photo below is what the longganisa looks like after they cook. I boil them in an inch of water and wait until it evaporates and cooks in it's own sugary, fatty and sticky sauce. Looks gross, but it's sooo good. 

Have you had longganisa before?

1 comment:

eye said...

Yes, I have eaten it before and I love it. Here in Hawaii, we have breakfast bentos in 7-11 that has longanisa, tocino, scrambled eggs and rice. One of my bf's fav at any time of the day too.


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