Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinner: McDonalds Chicken McBites!!!

McDonalds for dinner and it's my treat! I pretty much salivate whenever the McDonalds McBites commercial comes on, so I had to get some. Eh...It was disappointing. It has too much breading and not enough chicken ugh! I'll stick to good ol' chicken nuggets next time!

The habanero sauce is pretty good though.

See...too much breading! Not good!

I also had their South Western Grilled Chicken salad. It was pretty good! I like the corn, beans and chips.

Kiko had their Swiss Angus burger. I should've gotten a burger, dang it!

Have you tried McDonald's Chicken McBites?


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I tried it! :) It's actually not bad! I like their original chicken nuggets too but I can't escape the cute sauce holders in the Mcbites!

Blogger said...

Anyone here wants a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFT CARD?


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