Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big Sushi Rolls and Deleted Sushi Pic O_o

Over the weekend, Kiko and I went to our favorite Sushi spot, Sushi Delight. Delicious specialty sushi rolls, huge portions and affordable prices. I would've share more photos of other things we tried, but I accidentally deleted them. Why do I always do that?

California Tempura Roll is what we always get. Why? Because they are huge! Tempura battered California Roll deep fried and drizzled in ponzu sauce. 

Another fav of ours is Shrimp Tempura Roll. It's not as big as the California Tempura Roll, but it's just as delicious!

 I love their House Salad. It's sweet and tangy. I tried making the dressing at home, but it didn't taste the same ugh!

Where is your favorite sushi spot?


1 comment:

Donna said...

omfg.. i miss california T_T


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