Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Molcajete...

This is hand down the best Ceviche I've ever had. Thanks to Kiko's older brother who took us to eat at Mi Lindo Sinaloa #2 Mexican seafood restaurant here in L.A. It's the Molcajete Mixto. Molcajete, if you don't know is a Mexican version of a mortar and pestle. We also use one back home in the Philippines. My mom and manang used it to mash and grind all kinds of spices to make a smooth paste. 

In this restaurant, they serve their mix seafood Ceviche in a big and heavy Molcajete. It has shrimp, octopus, scallops, fish, oysters, clams with lime juice, red onions, cilantro and cucumbers. I've never had Ceviche like this before, and oh man, I can't get over how good it is. The seafood is very fresh, light and so delicious! I have no idea what's in the liquid though. All I know is that there is lime juice and it's a bit spicy. They swear it's not spicy. I have low tolerance for spicy food and it tasted spicy to me, making my mocos flow and my ears ring.

I usually put ketchup in my Ceviche, but it wasn't needed for this one. It's good as it is. The seafood is fresh and light. I ate it with tostada.

The serving is for 1 person, but there's so much seafood that can 2 people or more can share it. I ate it all by myself though.

I'm not sure what this is called but it has a lot of clams. Very refereshing!

Kiko's got their Seafood Empapelado. It's mixed seafood cooked in a big pocket of aluminum foil. I love this one too. I don't know what's in the sauce, but it was creamy and delicious. Kiko mixed in some rice and ate it with flour tortillas. His food stayed hot and steamy the whole time.

Pancho Villa on the wall...

We went for an early dinner that's why the place looks empty. They had these guys who played banda or ranchera music for entertainment. It was so loud O_o. Kiko's brother says the place gets packed and even louder on the weekends.

Mi Lindo Sinaloa#2
7010 Rosecrans Ave Paramount, CA 90723

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow, the seafood looks AMAZING. Thanks for the address!


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