Friday, October 7, 2011

Korean Festival 2011

Just wanna show you all the food I ate at the L.A. Korean Festival I went to last month. I had so much last year (see photos HERE) that I went again this year to take advantage for their forever kimchi sampling lol.

Here's what I had...

These are called Rice Cakes from what I was told. It had some kind of chili sauce that was really spicy. It's apparently a popular food snack for Koreans. They were really chewy and kind'a stick between the teeth. But I still enjoyed them lol.

I had these last year from the same Ajinomoto food booth. Pork Dumplings with lime soy sauce. These are too delicious and quite addicting. They were only 4 for $1.

My friends got a plate of Grilled Spicy Pork Ribs. The line to get these was really long. They were perfectly cooked, super soft and tender and wasn't too spicy.

They were giving away free water ^_^.

Here are some of the photos from the festival.

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