Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gus' Drive-in Cold Burgers

The other day was Morris' birthday. We went to Dockweiler beach with his church friends. On the way, we stopped by Gus' Burger, which is a local burger joint. It's been awhile since I ate here. I used their coupon, buy a burger combo, then a second burger combo free. Cool!

So, I got 2 cheeseburger combo for Monica and I. It came with french fries and drinks and I only paid $6. I offered the birthday boy a burger but he refused. This is very typical of Morris by the way, always saying no to food lol.  Monica and I ate the french fries in the car, and we decided to eat the burgers when we got to the beach, which was 30 minutes away. Bad idea because it explains why burger looks gross in the photo lol. It got cold and the grease hardened a bit. But we still ate it though and it wasn't bad at all. Nothing taste bad when you're really hungry. It just tasted like a really cold burger lol.

We took a weird way to get down to the beach. We climed down a steep slope. Thank goodness for the fence or else I would've ate it.

Morris' church friends created a small bonfire that only lasted 20 minutes. There wasn't enough wood lol.

Gus's Drive-in

(213) 483-8885

1657 W 3rd St

Los AngelesCA 90017


sugarBear said...

If your ever in San Diego, go try Hodad's. The best burger in town! as seen on The Food Network Channel and recommended by Guy :-)

Becky said...

@Sugarbear: Oh man, I wrote it down when I saw that one episode lol. I love a good burger!

Sherry Koch said...
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Sherry Koch said...

I used to like their food, but then it seems they now have unreasonable policies about taking coupons, I wonder what else is going on?... http://whatiscouponfraud.forumotion.com/t1-a-friend-of-mine-posted-this-on-yelp-about-gus-s-restaurant-on-3rd-street-in-los-angeles-he-was-very-upset


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