Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mario Lopez at The Grove L.A.

Another old photos...I actually forgot I had these. But here they are, and here is Mario Lopez at the Grove L.A. filming for Extra. My mom, grandma, Momo and I happened to be there when they were filming. Do you like Mario? He was pretty cute with his jerry curls in Saved By The Bell and he has killer dimples on Extra.

We had lunch at the Farmers Market, which was next to The Grove. I love coming here because the food is always good and fresh. The prices can be a little higher that other Farmer's Market I've been to, but it's worth it.

Sorry, I forgot exactly where we ordered all these food, but I'm sure they were all next to each other.

My food...Chicken and Garlic Pizza baked in a stone oven.

Baked Chiken, Beef and Onions, Chowmein and Fried Rice for my grandma. Good Chinese fast food.

Hmmm...I'm not sure what kind of Chicken Wings these are, but my mom got it from a Persian food stall.

That's all folks!

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