Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Horchata with Boba, Creamy Taco de Carnitas and Shrimp Fried Rice..

Yesterday, Mon and I went to Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A. for lunch. I've been dreaming of their delicious tacos ever since Mon took me here weeks ago. Read my previous post here. They're only $2.50 each and one is all you need because it's big and they give you so much meat!

Here are some of the photos I took. They're not the best quality because I used my small Canon digital camera.

This man stood in front of the candies for awhile. With all that yummy candies, he's never gonna decide.

These are Mon's fav! Chile Lemon Churros

Back at the same taco spot, we ordered Taco de Carnitas for me and Taco de Carne Asada for Mon. There's 8 guys working behind the counter taking orders, making the stuff, doing cashier duties while customers shout out their orders. It was a bit crazy, but it was fun to watch lol.

Taco de Asada

I got Shrimp Fried Rice $6 to compliment our tacos. Yeah there were rice and beans, but shrimp fried rice sounded better! It's from a Chinese take out not too far from the taco spot. Man, Mon and I were absolutely amazed by it. I don't know what the heck they put in it, but it had a really strong shrimp flavor that we really liked. It was delicious.

My Taco de Carnitas. I told Mon how creamy and melt in your mouth the meat was and she just laughed. She said, "how can meat be creamy?"

For dessert, I bought an eclair $1 and a slice of cake $1. Both were amazing as well. It was very light and not too sweet. It was just right!

For my drink, I got Horchata with Boba ^_^. It was a special request.

Next time I'm going to bring my other friends because I know they're gonna like this place. It's amazing food for such a low price!


sugarBear said...

I'm going there in a few weeks and I'm going to try those tacos and shrimp fried rice! hell yea. Looks so yummy! :-)

Becky said...

@Sugar Bear: OMG I'm so excited for you! You will love it dude :)


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