Sunday, June 26, 2011

L.A. Food Trucks


My friends Morris, Monica and I had a food truck binge after work in Downtown L.A. We went before Art Walk started to avoid the long lines. We've been to Art Walk too many times, so now we skip all the art galleries and just go straight to the food trucks! All kinds of food trucks were parked in 3 parking lots and we went through all of them and it was honestly difficult to make a choice because I wanted to try every truck.

Here are some photos I took. Enjoy!

My face lit up when I saw The Cheeseball Wagon. OMG cheeeeese! The first thing I saw on the menu was World famous Cheddar Cheeseballs with Ranch dressing $6.50 and that's what I ordered. I love cheese and I love fried food, so combining the two was heaven. Days later, I was still raving about it to my friends.

Morris got their Ham and Cheese Slider $2.50. Honey roasted ham, swiss cheese, garlic mayo  in hawaiian sweet roll. I took a bite of it and it was really good. The garlic mayo was incredible. I think I can replicate it at home!

Mon couldn't decide what she wanted, plus she's a picky eater, so she kept it safe and got herself a Hotdog and Chili Cheese Fries from the World Famous Sausage Sandwiches food truck. We shared it.

Mmmm... more cheeeese!

Morris went to the Shrimp Dancer truck and got their Shrimp Po Boy. Sorry, I forget the name and I didn't get to try it, but Morris loved it and he said he licks his laptop screen every time he sees this photo ^_^

Lastly, Monica got Spicy Shrimp Tacos at a food truck that I forgot to take a photo. Sorry! The shrimp was seriously perfectly cooked. It was tender, sweet and very juicy.

I have more food trucks post coming, so watch out for that!


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A Fine Balance said...

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