Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fat Fish Happy Hour $2 Sushi

These photos are a bit old, but I still want to share them. Awhile back a few friends and I went to Fat Fish restaurant in L.A. Korea Town. It's 5 minutes away from my house and I'm not sure why I've never been here lol. As seen in the photos, the sushi is served on a rotating bar and you just grab whatever you want. I've never had sushi this way, so I thought it was pretty cool. We went during happy hour and all plates were only $2. Score!

Sushi, sushi rolls, salads, cooked fish...Everything is pretty good. It's not the best, but for the price, it's really not bad. If you're picky with your sushi, then you should skip this place. But if you want affordable and decent sushi, then you would enjoy it.

Fat Fish

3300 W 6th St
Los AngelesCA 90020
Neighborhood: Koreatown
(213) 384-1304


CopyCat said...

love it yummy :D

Lisa said...

$2 sushi?? You really can't beat that!!


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