Saturday, May 14, 2011

If it looks good...EAT IT!

Please don't ask me what all these food are called because I have no idea. But I can tell you that they're all delicious.This beautiful and colorful spread was done by one of my friends and old co-corker Ms. Baez. I think she's Russian. Sorry, I forgot. She invited me and a couple of old co workers to her house for a Saturday brunch. This brunch was more like a feast if you ask me. There were only 4 adults and 2 kids and look how much food she made. A lot! I love her!

Ms. Baez makes the food while Leslie helped. 

Roasted Eggplant stuffed with a yogurt and dill mixture with Pomegranate seeds on top. It looks so pretty right?

I'm sure these were called Stuffed Grape leaves. I only get to eat it whenever I'm at her house. It was stuffed with rice and ground lamb. The flavor was a mix of bitter and savory. The grape leaves were a bit bitter. 

These were some kind of Stuffed Cabbage with Chicken broth. This one was my favorite. The filling had rice, ground beef and lots of fragrant herbs like mint and parsley. 

Stuffed Roasted Eggplant. This plate looks so pretty I wan't a make a poster out of it and hang it on our kitchen wall.

Some kind of Pickled Cabbage. It was tart and crunchy.

Beet Salad. This was really good. I love the bright magenta color from the beets.

My colorful and pretty plate.

Afterwards, Ms. Baez served us tea, coffee and pastries and Russian chocolates. We were so spoiled.

We ate from 11am-2pm. I had an awesome time eating and catching up with everyone. I can't wait for another one! Thank you Ms. Baez for holding such a wonderful feast!

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