Thursday, March 3, 2011

Street Chicken Teriyaki and Fried Rice at San Pedro Wholesale Mart

My aunt, Momocito and I went to go shopping at San Pedro Wholesale Mart at Downtown L.A. on Saturday. If you know me, then you should know that I do most of my clothes shopping here. It's dirt cheap, super cute and all brand new. I also come here to get my delicious bacon wrapped hotdogs and fried quesadillas fixed. They are greasy goodness, and you can't get them anywhere else. And since I'm a big boy, I can honestly eat 2 of each in one sitting O_o.

But this time, we didn't get the usual street dogs and fried quesadillas. Instead, we got some yummy street Chicken Teriyaki. We found this Asian dude with his mom selling them in a small cart in the middle of the mall.  We could smell it from far away, and there was a huge line of people waiting, so we wanted to try it. Turned out, the Asian dude owns a restaurant at the food court upstairs called Blossom Bento. They were selling food downstairs, so they can let people know about their restaurant. Not many people know that San Pedro Wholesale Mart have their own food court, but they do! It's pretty big and clean too. So if you you're not hardcore enough to eat the street food, then you should really check out the food court.

My aunt bought Momocito a super cute Elmo Marshmallow stick for $2. A guy was selling them in different characters, and Momo picked Elmo! He was making faces because we didn't get him any toy, so this kept him quiet...only for a little bit lol.

Momocito is so cute! Kakagigil!

My aunt ad I shared a big bowl of Chicken Teriyaki. It cost about $6. Maybe we were just hungry, but I couldn't stop talking about this to my friends. It was really, really good. I especially loved the fried rice. It had chicken bits in it along with the carrots. peas, green peppers and other stuff. Monica loves chicken, and I'm taking her here next time I go shopping. looks nice right?

Thanks for stopping by! Next time I come, I'll try other restaurants. 


CopyCat said...

the elmo on a stick made me read this post :D
too cute

Love From Eden said...

Elmo made me visit this post too hehe
The Chicken Teriyaki looks so good yummm

Dye-A-Graham said...

My favorite food on 'The Alley' is the Alley Dog wrapped in bacon with mustard, onions and mayo! Oh and I can never pass up the fruit sprinkled with chile...yummy!

sugarBear said...

if you have time, Can you do a blog about the LA fashion district you always talk about? with pics? I know this is a weird request but I have never been there before and wanted to see how it looks like up close and what to expect before i decide it's worth the hour and a half drive, thanks a bunch! :-)


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